Lydia McLaughlin Marries Husband Doug For the Fourth Time in Thirteen Years

Danielle Wirsansky

Lydia McLaughlin's love for her husband, Doug, is nearly legendary. Their bond and relationship was a huge part of The Real Housewives of OC while Lydia was still on the show. So it will come as no surprise to viewers that she and Doug just celebrated their 13th wedding anniversary. To celebrate this milestone anniversary, the two renewed their vows. Sweet -- but not terribly surprising for a couple as openly devoted as those two.

But what might surprise fans is that this is not the first time the two have renewed their vows. It is not even their second or third time remarrying each other. It is, in fact, the fourth time that the two have married each other!

A vow renewal is when a couple reaffirms their love by also reaffirming their marriage together. Often, a pseudo wedding is held so that guests can celebrate the couple's love and trading of vows, just like in a marriage ceremony.

Many couple renew their vows -- vows can be renewed at any point during a marriage. Most couples though, quite unlike the McLaughlin's, do not get their vows renewed nearly as often, if at all.

"I know that Doug is my person, and we will be together until death do us part… but why should we only celebrate our love once in our lifetime! It is special to say those vows, to be intentional and look one another in the eye and say, 'I choose you. Still. I am yours and you are mine,'" McLaughlin wrote on her blog, OC Lydia.

The two met when Lydia was just 22 years old. Only three years later, the two were married. Both also believed in abstinence until marriage, and so did not consummate their relationship until after the wedding. The two are Christians, and were very vocal about their beliefs on the show. Some episodes even featured the McLaughlins hosting a bible study group in their home -- discussing scripture and useful, contemporary applications of the readings.

"Marriage is a journey and one worth celebrating. I believe in being intentional and making every year count. Every moment, or any excuse to mark an occasion, I am all about that. We had a wonderful day and I'm sure it is not our last vow renewal!" Lydia continued to gush on her blog.

The vow renewal ceremony took place in Aruba, and was also the biggest vow renewal ceremony taking place across all of the Caribbean, Lydia claimed.