Sarah Jessica Parker Claps Back At ‘False’ Claims That She Took $150,000 Worth Of Jewelry From Designer

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

Sarah Jessica Parker has been embroiled in a lawsuit with British jewelry designer Kat Florence for two years, but her lawyer is slamming some of the allegations in the suit as “just plain false.”

According to court documents obtained by Page Six, the 53-year-old Sex and the City star is being sued by Kat Florence Designs over claims that she borrowed jewelry valued at $149,501.96 and never returned it after working with the designer on an ad campaign. The high-priced jewels include a pair of earrings valued at $40,706.72 and a ring worth $27,115. The suit alleges that Parker borrowed the pieces for “personal use” and was supposed to return them after two months but she failed to do so.

In a statement to Page Six, Florence’s attorney claimed that in March 2016, Parker requested to keep some of the jewelry pieces to wear personally for a few months.

“We agreed and documented what she had. Over two years later, the jewelry was never returned to us. We believe that as Ms. Parker has kept the jewelry since 2016 that she should pay us for it.”

Parker’s attorney, Ira Schreck, calls the claims “false” and says the actress and entrepreneur was actually asked to keep the jewelry and has tried to return it, despite the fact that Florence allegedly stopped paying her for their endorsement deal.

“SJP was under contract to Kat Florence and was asked to keep the jewelry so that she could wear it on red carpets and other events when appropriate. Sarah Jessica Parker is as honest and trustworthy a person as anyone I have ever met. She has never and would never hold on to anything belonging to someone else. In fact, she has been asking ever since Kat Florence wrongfully stopped paying her to have the pieces returned, but Kat Florence didn’t seem terribly interested in getting them back.”

TMZ previously reported that Kat Florence slapped Parker with a lawsuit alleging that the star broke her contract to promote the jewelry line after receiving $7.5 million in installment payments and a profit percentage. The actress filed her own countersuit in July.

Florence began working with Parker in October 2015 on a five-year deal to use the Sex and the City star’s name and face to promote the brand’s “Sarah Jessica Parker D-Flawless Diamond collection.” But an insider told Women’s Wear Daily that Florence changed the original deal after Parker signed the contract, reportedly adding stipulations for the star to promote the jewelry in interviews, at awards shows, and on social media with up to 50 Instagram posts per year. Parker was also reportedly asked to bring Kat Florence with her to multiple high-profile events per year.

Parker posed for photos and did some press at the time of the line’s launch in fall 2016, but Florence claims the HBO star failed to fulfill her multi-million dollar agreement. In the court documents, Florence claimed Parker later told her she was busy working on her then-new HBO show, Divorce, and would be unable to promote the line or attend an important launch event in London. The collection’s launch party was later canceled because Parker was unable to attend.

Parker’s attorney says Florence “reneged on their contract with SJP” and refused to compensate her after she fulfilled her contractual obligations, while still using her image for advertising and publicity to promote the line.