‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Valentin’s Search Continues And Nina Asks Questions

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers indicate that things will continue to move forward in the mystery regarding Nina’s daughter during the episode airing on Friday, September 14. After years of thinking her baby had died, it seems that the baby was a daughter who lived and was placed for adoption. Nina and Valentin are both trying to unravel this mystery, separately, and teasers suggest that those two searches may collide soon.

The sneak peek into Friday’s show shared via Twitter shares that Curtis and Valentin will meet once again to discuss this search. Valentin will tell Curtis that he’s just anxious to let Nina know, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Nina will overhear that tidbit.

Nina will ask what it is that Valentin is anxious to tell her about, but it looks like he’ll make something up to cover and hold back the truth. Curtis has made it clear that he’s not happy about keeping all of this from Nina, but Valentin has said he wants to make sure that this daughter really is alive and identified before saying anything to his estranged wife just in case it’s not true.

As viewers saw earlier this week, Nina received Madeline’s belongings and a locket in the box quickly led Nina to believe that her baby survived. Nina wants to figure out the truth, but she’s a few steps behind where Valentin is at this point.

No significant answers will come during Friday’s episode, but General Hospital spoilers note that this will continue to impact Nina and Valentin for a while. SheKnows Soaps reveals that this fall, the two will reconnect after she is given some stunning news. Will her daughter be found and will this pave the way to a reunion for Nina and Valentin?

Fans have been busy speculating about the identity of Nina’s long-lost daughter. The idea of Kiki being Nina’s has been buzzed about for a long time now, and that might seem to be the most obvious choice. Some have speculated that Nelle might be that daughter, but that seems less likely now with the character off of the canvas.

Nurse Francesca has been mentioned as a possibility, although many General Hospital fans think that’s a stretch. Others have pondered whether Margaux could be the long-lost daughter, although her age doesn’t really fit, and even Nurse Amy has been tossed out as an idea. It is also possible that Nina’s daughter isn’t anyone currently on the canvas.

Will Valentin be the one to uncover the truth about Nina’s daughter and will this finally get him back in her good graces? Will the writers go with Kiki as the daughter, despite this being a fairly obvious choice, or will there be a shocker on the way? See how this storyline moves forward with Friday’s episode and stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers as they become available.