Arizona Man Paul Menchaca Accused Of Faking Down Syndrome So That Female Caretakers Would Bathe, Diaper Him

Maricopa County Sheriff's DepartmentMaricopa County Sheriff's Department

Police in Arizona say 31-year-old Paul Menchaca concocted a scheme where he pretended to have Down syndrome — so that female caregivers would give him baths and even “punish” the man for soiling a diaper he made them put onto him.

Police in Maricopa County arrested Menchaca this week at his parents’ home after the caregivers allegedly discovered that he did not have special needs, KTNV reported. Police say the 31-year-old man posed as a woman named “Amy” and took out an ad seeking a licensed caregiver to help a disabled man.

Menchaca arranged for one woman to assist him, and she reportedly gave him baths and placed him in a diaper on 30 different occasions throughout the summer, police said. On five different occasions, Menchaca told the caregiver that his genitals were not cleaned well enough. The first victim then left and was replaced by two different caregivers, both of whom worked closely with the first victim.

The second pair of caregivers came to suspect that the man was not disabled and noticed that he became sexually aroused when they were bathing him, KTNV reported.

According to a report from AZFamily, Menchaca also used the fictional woman “Amy” to issue some strange requests of the caregivers.

“‘Amy’ asked all three victims to ‘punish’ [Menchaca] when he soiled his diaper by putting him in timeout and taking away his privileges,” an arrest warrant showed.

After following Menchaca back to his parents’ home, the caregivers met his mother and father, who told them that the 31-year-old did not have Down syndrome and did not need diaper changes. He reportedly admitted to lying about being disabled, but, in an initial court appearance, said that he did have a low IQ, AZFamily reported.

Menchaca had worked as an aide in the nearby Chandler Unified School District, but resigned in August. This week, Bogle Junior High principal Nathan Fairchild sent a letter to parents noting that none of the allegations took place in school, or were related to his work in the classroom, AZFamily noted.

“I’m writing to inform you that Paul Menchaca, a former aide in Ms. DeMann’s classroom at Bogle, was arrested last Thursday evening at his home in Gilbert. His arrest was not related to his work with children at Bogle Junior High or any other CUSD school. He resigned the week previous and is no longer employed by the school district. Though his arrest did not involve any of our students, we had previously notified the parents of the classroom where he had worked as an aide and wanted you to be aware as well.”

Paul Menchaca faces charges for fraudulent schemes and sexual abuse. It is not clear if he was given bond.