Naked And Elite: Nude Students At Britain’s ‘Posh’ Cambridge University Pose In Historic Settings For Calendar

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More than two dozen student-athletes at the United Kingdom’s posh Cambridge University proved that they may be among the top of Britain’s elite, but that doesn’t mean they’re afraid to go naked, even outdoors in frigid winter temperatures, as they posed nude for a new 2019 calendar — but all in the interests of charity, as the U.K. newspaper The Sun reported.

Cambridge University is ranked as the most prestigious in Britain, and fourth-highest-ranked in the world by the respected magazine Times Higher Education, which notes that the university is “particularly known for its excellence in mathematics and a high number of Cambridge-affiliated mathematicians have won a Fields Medal, which is regarded as the Nobel prize for mathematics.”

The students behind the calendar, members of the Cambridge Blues society, are calculating that by stripping down to their birthday suits and posing in some of the university campus’s most historic locales, according to the Cambridge Naked Blues Calendar site, which contains a number of photos from the calendar — which feature the au naturel athletes modestly shielding their most sensitive areas with soccer balls, boots and other accessories.

“After a glimpse of these glossy pages, you might never look at Cambridge’s beautiful architecture in the same light again,” the site says. Among the locations where the student-athletes doffed their duds included the university’s famed Mathematical Bridge, one of Cambridge’s more than 100 libraries and even a student dining hall, according to The Daily Mail newspaper.

“There are four of us who make the calendar, and we are kind of a sub-group of Cambridge Raising And Giving (RAG), which is a charity organization that exists in a lot of U.K. universities. RAG organizes creative fundraising, and we wanted to come up with something really creative,” explained one of the four students who conceived and edited the nude calendar, which features members of the Cambridge teams in a variety of sports, including swimming, netball, American football and lacrosse, in an interview with the Cambridgeshire Live news site.

“All the teams were fantastic and very enthusiastic. Some of our outdoor shots were taken early in February when it was still snowing and still they didn’t complain despite the freezing cold low temperatures,” another organizer, Ladislaya Ladanyi, said, as quoted by The Mail.

Despite their status as members of Britain’s upper crust, attending the most elite University in the nation — outranking even its archival Oxford in the Times Higher Education survey — nudity seems to be something of a craze among the university’s student body. Each year, a student newspaper — The Tab — holds a competition to name “Cambridge’s Best Bum,” in which students pose nude in creatively chosen locations, exposing their posteriors to the camera — as can be seen in photos published by The Sun.