‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Recap For Thursday, September 13: Bill Asked Brooke For A Favor, Xander Refused Zoe

Cliff Lipson CBS

Bold and the Beautiful recaps for Thursday, September 13 featured Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) meeting up with Bill (Don Diamont) at a restaurant. Upon seeing Brooke, he thanked her for meeting him and guessed that Bill chose Steffy’s (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) line over Hope’s (Annika Noelle), but Brooke did not want to discuss her husband. According to Soap Central, he asked her to speak to Katie (Heather Tom) that day about the custody battle. He said that he didn’t want Will (Finnegan George) to get caught in the crossfire, but he also knew that he was putting Brooke in an awkward position.

When Bill returned to his office at Spencer Publications, Justin (Aaron D. Spears) updated him that Carter (Lawrence Saint-Victor) had messaged him about the court case. Bill told him that he had approached Brooke in an effort to avoid the custody battle with Katie. Justin remarked that Brooke was being very generous by speaking on his behalf. Bill believed that Brooke knew that keeping Will from him would cause him more harm than good.

In the meantime, the atmosphere was heated in the private cabana at the Bikini Bar. Zoe (Kiara Barnes) and Xander (Adain Bradley) kissed passionately until he pulled away from her. He told her that they were playing fire, but Zoe told him that she loves him. He said that Emma was important to him. Zoe made sure that he knew that she could give him what Emma can’t, but would wait for him in the interim.

Carter, Katie, and Thorne (Ingo Rademacher) discussed the sole custody case. Will arrived home and wanted to know what was going on. Katie sent him to his room to go and get changed. Just then, Brooke arrived and wanted to speak to Katie alone. Carter and Thorne left, leaving Katie very suspicious as to her sister’s motives.

Brooke told her sister that she approves of her relationship with Thorne but did not understand why she wanted to keep Will from his father. Katie explained that she wanted to protect Will from Bill, but he would still have access to him. Brooke said that all of them made mistakes as parents and encouraged her to drop the custody suit. She said that her son would suffer for it because she would be at war with her son’s father.

Two Intimates models flirted with Xander, while Emma watched from behind some clothes racks. She made her appearance and the models took off. She thanked him for the surprise at the Bikini Bar, and again she expressed the desire to take it slow. They hugged while Xander thought of Zoe who promised him what Emma refused to give.