Frank Ocean Demands That Travis Scott Remove His Vocals From ‘Astroworld’

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

While the biggest story in the rap world this week has been Drake and Meek Mill squashing their beef, fans have little to worry about if they are concerned the genre is getting a little too peaceful. The latest feud involves Frank Ocean and Travis Scott over vocals from Scott’s No. 1 album Astroworld, according to reports from TMZ.

TMZ says that a source revealed to them that the pair has been feuding for weeks, starting in the run-up to the release of Scott’s album back in August. Ocean is featured on Astroworld, collaborating with Scott on the song “Carousel.”

It’s been revealed that Ocean is not happy about the what the source said were “changes” made to his vocals. Listening to “Carousel,” where Ocean sings the chorus and the third verse, there seems to be a bit of auto-tune added to the singer’s voice and Ocean’s verse does appear to be at a higher pitch than the rest of the vocals, but it wasn’t revealed what exactly it was in the song that got Ocean so upset.

While it’s unclear what exactly has Ocean so upset, there is no doubt that the singer is serious about his issues with Scott, as Ocean has now demanded that all of his vocals are removed from the album. Ocean has gotten his lawyer’s involved, and they have sent a cease and desist letter to Scott’s team in an effort to remove him from the album or face legal consequences.

So far, it appears that Scott has no plans at all to remove Ocean from Astroworld, which since its release has seen both critical acclaim and commercial success. While there is no doubt that Scott is happy with the success of the album, it’s unlikely that Ocean shares any of the support or sentiment and will not hesitate to drag this battle out.

Based on recent news, it appears that Scott might not have the time to figure things out with Ocean, as there are rumors flying that Scott and girlfriend Kylie Jenner have secretly gotten engaged and are planning a wedding that is looking to cost in upwards of $30 million, as covered by the Inquisitr.

Kylie is seeking to one-up her Kardashian sisters with the event and is planning to pull out all of the stops at the rumored location of Turks and Caicos, flying out all of their friends and family by private jet.