Victoria Beckham Shares Hilarious Results Of Her ‘Who Wore It Best’ Challenge

Dimitrios KambourisGetty Images

Victoria Beckham recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of her fashion brand by going back to where it all started: herself crawling out of a shopping bag.

In 2008, Marc Jacobs featured Beckham emerging from a shopping bag, marking the beginning of Beckham’s successful journey into the fashion industry. This year, she re-created the ad, only now the white bag reads “Victoria Beckham” instead of “Marc Jacobs.”

The ad includes different shots featuring Beckham striking different poses while emerging from the bag. In one, the one she released first on social media, faceless legs wearing heels are seen poking out of the bag. In another shot, Beckham has the shopping bag over her head, with just her legs showing again, as if she had become the product.

The result is a humorous, light-heartened ad that prompted fans to joke around in the comment section of her Instagram page. The ad also inspired a hashtag: #vbbagchallenge, through which Instagram users are sharing their own take on Beckham’s ad.

On Friday, Posh Spice took to her Instagram to share some of the results and invited others to participate as well.

“Who wore it best #VBBagChallenge Bag club,” Beckham wrote, adding “Share yours with me via #VBSince08.”

She shared four photos. The first was sent by Australian actress and comedian Celester Berber, who has become famous on social media for her funny parodies of bizarre celebrity portraits through her long-running series called #CelesteChallengeAccepted. In the photo, Barber is standing in front of a garage door wearing not-so-sexy underwear, red heels, and a blue bag over her head.

The second photo was sent by Jayne Sharp, an English broadcaster and voice-over artist. Sharp re-created the shot in which Beckham’s legs poke out of the bag, but Sharp is wearing black Doc Martens and her legs are poking out of a blue Ikea bag. The third and fourth ones also re-create the same ad of the legs using cheap-looking shopping bags.

Many of Posh’s fans loved it. The post garnered more than 65,000 likes and more than 1,000 comments in about 30 minutes. If the comment section is to be trusted, Barber’s take was the crowd’s favorite.

“HANDS DOWN CELESTE!!! Who does (not) love Celeste’s humour?!?!?” one wrote.

However, not everyone agreed that the challenge was funny or deserving of Beckman’s classiness.

“Maybe I don’t understand British humor! Am a fan of Beckham family! But this competition doesn’t suit Victoria’s classy marketing approach.”