Hurricane Florence: See Video Clips Of The Destruction So Far

Guido Amrein SwitzerlandShutterstock

As Hurricane Florence slams the Carolinas, people are taking to Twitter to share video clips of what’s actually happening on the ground. Here are some that show the destruction taking place within the past few hours.

The first video shared by shows how high winds have actually toppled the awning of a gas station. The clip starts off with the two pillars of the gas station visibly shaking, as the winds then force the roof to start falling onto its side. In an instant, one of the pillars breaks from the ground, as the roof can be heard shattering onto the ground. With one pillar detached, the winds then easily break the other pillar from the roof, as the entire roof starts sliding down the road.

A second video, posted by user @chromatichues, is captioned “Hurricane Florence @ midnight 9.13.18 Pungo River is raging across Belhaven, NC Stay safe y’all!” The raging waters have almost reached the windowsill of the first-floor in the building across from the person filming, as it batters the building in waves.

Meanwhile, a third video posted by WeatherNation shows a New Bern, North Carolina store in tatters after the hurricane blows the roof off the giant warehouse. Random metal poles are strewn about, as the roof hangs on the ground as if it were peeled off.

These videos really highlight what’s going on currently on the ground, and it’s quite scary.

While many people have been ordered to evacuate, some people have chosen to ignore the warnings and stay put in their homes.

A fourth video posted by Breaking911 (which is a repost of an NBC News video), shows an even crazier shot of Radio Island, N.C., where winds and water are literally blowing sideways, as palm trees are getting pummeled by the elements.

And finally, a fifth video by CBS Evening News from much earlier in the day shows the interior of a building that’s being ravished by strong water currents. It then cuts to a video of the water rushing inland from the beach, as a reporter said that there are indeed people along the coastline that are planning to ride out the storm in their homes, disregarding evacuation orders. The video is captioned, “Storm surge triggered by Hurricane Florence has already flooded some North Carolina barrier island neighborhoods, as roads are inundated with water and as sand dunes are barely able to slow rising tides. “