Elizabeth Smart Speaks On Wanda Barzee Release: ‘She Is A Threat To Any Vulnerable Person In The Community’

Jesse GrantGetty Images

Elizabeth Smart is not happy that one of her captors is set to be released from prison on September 19.

Earlier this week, news broke that Wanda Barzee would be released from prison. She, along with her husband, Brian David Mitchell, kidnapped and held Elizabeth Smart captive for nine torturous months. As many recall, Elizabeth was taken from her bedroom at her Salt Lake City Home at knifepoint by Mitchell and Barzee in 2002.

Many people are now worried that Barzee will be released from jail, especially Elizabeth Smart, who is now a mother of three of her own children. According to Radar Online, Smart held a press conference today to let the public know her opinion on Barzee’s future prison release. And rightfully so, Elizabeth is upset about it.

“I do think she is a threat. She is a woman who had six children and not only did she kidnap a young girl and sit next to her while she was being raped but encouraged her husband to continue to rape her.”

Smart said that she was both shocked and surprised by Barzee’s release from prison since she did “appalling” things to her when she was in captivity.

“Wanda Barzee saw me as her slave. She saw me as her handmaiden,” Smart said. “She was manipulated by Mitchell but she in her own right abused me just as much as he did.”

And Smart is not just concerned for her own personal safety, she is also concerned about the safety of the community, calling Barzee a danger to everyone.

“Our community should be worried. I would appeal to her family that they try to take steps to have her civilly committed.”

To make matters even worse, Smart also reiterated the fact that Barzee has not complied with any therapy that was suggested and she also noted that Barzee still carries around the Book of Revelations that Mitchell wrote about her captivity. In the book, Mitchell wrote his plans to kidnap Elizabeth as well as six other women.

In addition, Smart says that she does not want to live in fear or go back to the fear that she felt after her kidnapping because that simply isn’t a way to live.

“I have spent the last 15 years trying to leave my fear in the past. I have tried to move on with my life, have a family and pursue everything that was important in my life,” she told reporters.

Toward the end of the conference, Elizabeth noted that she has already forgiven Barzee for what she had done to her, but that doesn’t mean that she ever wants to see her or let her back into her life again.