Kit Harington Could Be Cast As The New Batman, Replacing Ben Affleck, Per 'Hollywood Life'

With high-intensity rumors swirling about the DC Extended Universe -- one stating that actor Henry Cavill will be hanging up the red and blue suit, and the other claiming that Ben Affleck is out as Batman following another stint in rehab -- it appears that the thirst for further speculation has not yet been satiated. Hollywood Life reports that there are new rumors circulating on the internet that a very unlikely casting choice could enter play, changing the face of Batman forever.

The leading man that gossip peddlers and social media spin merchants are suggesting might take up the mantle of Gotham City's protector is none other than Jon Snow himself -- English actor Kit Harington.

Though Jon Snow may know nothing in the fictional world of Westeros -- the land from HBO's breakout fantasy franchise Game of Thrones, based on the written work of author George R. R. Martin -- it appears as if his media representative certainly does. Having been contacted by James Hibberd, an editor with Entertainment Weekly, Harington's representative said that this was the first he'd ever heard of the possibility that Kit could be cast in the role of the dark knight.

This deflates and defeats the rumor somewhat soundly, at least for now. As Revenge of the Fans reports, Warner Bros. had previously requested digital sketches of what Kit Harington might look like if cast as Gotham's caped crusader. With Game of Thrones entering its final, ferocious season of deadly intrigue and deadly combat, it doesn't seem completely unreasonable that Harington could potentially find a home in the DC Extended Universe.

To bring things back to earth a bit, there has been no official confirmation one way or another on the future of the DCEU, be it pertaining to Batman or Superman, details CNN. A spokesman for Warner Bros. reached out to CNN to give a formal statement on the matter, which follows.
"While no decisions have been made regarding any upcoming Superman films, we've always had great respect for and a great relationship with Henry Cavill, and that remains unchanged."
Taken in tandem with a somewhat cheery but ambiguous tweet by Cavill's manager that implied that the Man of Steel's cape was "still in his closet," it may be presumptive to jump to any hard and fast conclusions at this point in time when it comes to the Superman character.

There are no such encouraging missives in favor of the narrative that Ben Affleck will be remaining in his role as Batman, however. Most media outlets, including the New York Post, are reporting that Affleck's stint as the brooding Bruce Wayne has come to an early end.