Kim Kardashian Flashes Diamond And Gold Grill In Latest Instagram Post

Kim Kardashian's Instagram

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram on Thursday to promote the newest addition to her makeup empire. Inspired by cherry blossoms, Kim has revealed that her “Classic Blossom Collection” will drop sometime tomorrow. In her latest picture, she wears one of the lip shades from the collection and parts her lips just slightly so that all of her 117.3 million followers can get a look at her custom diamond and gold grill. The grill is relatively simple. Across her bottom row of teeth, her name peeks out. There is only one accessory added to the upper row of teeth and it complements the superstar’s name nicely.

It looks like Kim tried to go for a cohesive look as her eyeshadow, which is her usual shimmery go-to, and dances somewhere between rose gold and metallic bronze. Her incredible lashes accentuate her sultry eyes. The photo was not overly retouched as the zoomed-in photo shows pores and wrinkles. It’s a refreshing side of Kim to see for her Instagram followers who are used to faraway shots of her body or perfectly posed selfies.

It’s also a new side of Kim that followers are seeing. Following her Paris robbery a few years ago, Kim made it a point to never show jewelry on her social media feeds. She has broken that rule only a few times since, and the grill has made an appearance before.

An insider told People Magazine about Kim’s outlook on jewelry ever since the robbery after she posted a picture of her grill in January.

“She was toned down and out of the public eye after the robbery, but eventually she realized she needs to live her life. She has fun with fashion and style, and yes, it’s part of her image — to be glamorous and push boundaries. So she’s going to do it.”

Kim recently welcomed baby number three this year with Kanye West. Chicago West was born via a surrogate. Kim and Kanye made the decision to choose surrogacy after Kim faced life-threatening complications with her previous two pregnancies. Chicago recently made an appearance on Kim’s profile sporting a cherry-blossom swimsuit. Kim kisses her baby girl while hoisting her above crystal-blue waters. The cherry-blossom suit that Chicago is wearing is clearly a nod to Kim’s newest collection. Her beauty company, KKW Beauty, has also been promoting the new collection on its Instagram. The KKW Beauty Instagram has yet to feature Kim’s custom grill.

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My Cherry Blossom Baby ????

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