‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie And Peter Get Trapped Together, Teasers Hint That Romance May Soon Blossom

Craig SjodinABC

Fans of General Hospital have been bracing themselves for a romance between Maxie and Peter, and spoilers suggest that the writers may be heading down that road soon. Viewers have been resistant to the idea of this pairing, but the writers have been moving fairly slowly on it and it looks like they’re ready to test the waters a bit more.

As viewers saw at the end of Thursday’s episode, Maxie rushed to get into an elevator and then realized that Peter was already on it. General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show hint that the elevator may jerk to an unexpected stop, leaving the two of them trapped together for a while. Of course, this isn’t a scenario where the two will pounce on one another, as their relationship hasn’t progressed to that spot. However, Maxie and Peter may find themselves clearing the air on some topics and rebuilding their friendship to an extent.

Maxie has been struggling with her feelings toward Peter ever since finding out the truth about his identity. While she may have been tempted to walk away from him entirely, she’s remained drawn to him both for his connection to Nathan as well as his connection to James. In addition, Maxie and Peter had built a relationship before the truth emerged and she hasn’t entirely forgotten that.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Maxie is going to continue to struggle over how she feels about Peter. Viewers have watched as she’s hesitated in her interactions with him, and she had heartfelt discussions with both Anna and Robin over him. Whether she’s ready to move on it or not, there seems to be a connection there that she can’t entirely deny.

As Maxie continues to sort through these feelings, General Hospital spoilers note that Lulu and Peter will get closer to one another as she begins working for him and digs into this Ryan story. It would certainly throw fans into a frenzy if the writers decided to create a love triangle of sorts involving Lulu, Maxie, and Peter, and it’s too soon to know if that’s in the works.

Many “Naxie” fans are resistant to see Maxie move on with anybody romantically. Nathan’s death happened quite a few months ago now, and the writers did hold back on trying to push a new relationship too quickly. However, actress Kirsten Storms spoke with Michael Fairman TV recently and hinted that she’s open to a Maxie and Peter pairing.

Storms admits that she has a soft spot for Wes Ramsey, the actor who portrays Peter. She says that she thinks the fan outrage directed toward him is unjustified and she praises him for his work ethic. Kirsten said she adores him and she thinks if people would give him a chance, they’d see how talented he is.

In terms of Maxie and Peter, Storms points out that Maxie has caused a lot of trouble over the years and she generally gets a pass. Given that, Maxie is probably more open to forgiving Peter than some people would be. That, along with the fact he’s Nathan’s brother, keeps her drawn to him.

While Kirsten seems open to seeing Maxie and Peter together more, General Hospital fans have also speculated that Maxie could find love with either Chase or Michael. While Storms didn’t comment on the Michael pairing in her recent interview, she did say she loves working with Josh Swickard, who plays Chase, and she’d be all for a romance between their characters.

Many fans do seem to prefer either Michael or Chase as romantic pairings with Maxie over Peter. Interestingly, however, a recent poll at SheKnows Soaps shows that this potential romance involving Peter has more support than some would have guessed.

How far will the writers push the idea of Maxie and Peter together, and how soon will things heat up on this? Stay tuned for General Hospital spoilers as they emerge and don’t miss Friday’s episode to see what happens in that elevator scene.