Ex-UFC Fighter Melvin Guillard Allegedly ‘Choked Out His Mistress’ And Knocked A Bar Patron Out

Isaac BrekkenGetty Images

Former UFC fighter Melvin “The Young Assassin” Guillard allegedly “choked out his mistress,” according to reports at TMZ, and then months later decked a bar patron in an altercation, apparently knocking him out cold. While the two incidents were unrelated, aside from Guillard’s participation in them, they did intertwine on September 10, when he presented himself for a hearing in Colorado.

In April, Guillard was arrested for assaulting his mistress. According to Bleacher Report, the attack was caused by his mistress asking him when he was going to leave his wife and begin living with her. She alleged that she was scared he might kill her, and she suffered injuries to her face and neck from his alleged choking of her multiple times. He was arrested for domestic violence, second degree assault, and strangulation.

On September 3, 2018, Guillard was involved in a bar altercation, which he started according to eyewitnesses as reported by MMA Weekly. In the video, which can be seen on TMZ, it does appear as if Guillard did in fact knock one man out, and connect solidly with a second punch to another man. It is impossible to tell what set Guillard off from the snippet of video available from the security footage, but the allegations that Guillard started the altercation do appear to have merit.

On the video, Guillard can also be seen pushing a woman to the ground who ran at him after he hit the two men. It appears as if she was knocked to the floor when Guillard hit the second man. He went backwards into the woman, and she appeared to break his fall to some degree. It is unclear if she had any sort of relationship to either of the men that Guillard hit.

When Guillard appeared for court in Colorado in connection to his assault case against his mistress, he was taken into custody immediately at its conclusion. He was then ushered off to appear in front of another judge who set his bail at $5,000 cash. As of this writing, Guillard had not yet made bail per TMZ.

Guillard’s last UFC fight took place in 2014, and since then his career has been a bit erratic, bouncing from one outfit to another, and even trying bare-knuckles boxing at one point.

He has most recently been employed by the Rizin Fighting Federation in Japan, according to Bleacher Report. His last bout was a loss to Takanori Gomi on July 29 2018, on a KO by punches in the first round. There has been no statement released by the RFF regarding Guillard, and it is unclear if he will be able to travel to Japan to resume fighting if he makes bail.