Derick Dillard Reveals Classroom Date With Wife Jill Duggar, Alone Time At Law School

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It looks like Derick Dillard has reinvented the “take your daughter to work” day and created his own special “take your wife to law school” day. Ever since the former reality star headed back to school, there has been a little less time that he has with his family. That also includes less alone time with his wife, Jill Duggar. But it just so happens that they have found a solution to that problem: Jill is tagging along with her husband to law school.

Dillard announced that he was starting law school last month. He and Jill have been posting photos here and there ever since. The latest snapshot that was posted on Instagram by Derick revealed the twosome sitting in class together. They are posing for the camera with the classroom in the background and other students sitting there.

Some may be scratching their heads, wondering what the entire deal is. Derick himself explained the situation in his caption saying, “Glad my favorite study buddy @jillmdillard was able to come to class yesterday! You’ve gotta find alone time (no kids) whenever you can! Thanks @jessaseewald for babysitting!”

They planned it all out by asking Jill’s younger sis, Jessa Seewald, to watch Israel and Samuel. Jessa posted a cute video on her Instagram of her two boys, Spurgeon and Henry, having a great time with their cousins on the slide out in her backyard. It was not only a play date for the four boys, but it was also a chance for Jill and Derick to spend some alone time together.

While some people took to his comment section to express their feelings on how weird and awkward it is for a spouse to attend a college class with their significant other, Duggar fans were quick to defend the pair. One person wrote, “Yess!! Best advice to new parents is to find time for just you and your partner once a month or week! Whatever you can!!! So happy you found the time!!”

Dillard spent quite a bit of time with his family this summer. Many people had chided him on social media for not having a job. Once he announced that he was going back to school, that became a money issue as well. The ones that negatively commented about it inquired as to how he could possibly afford classes, let alone law school. He did mention at one point that he and Jill budget their money. Plus, they most likely have some saved up from their time on TLC’s Counting On.