One Week Later And Fans Are Still Leaving Mementos Outside Of Burt Reynolds’ Home In Florida [Photos]

Mike WindleGetty Images

One week ago, the world lost a true rebel when Burt Reynolds, star of Smokey and the Bandit and many other great films, died at the age of 82. Fans, family, and friends immediately began posting tributes online and on their social media accounts to remember the star that they loved so much.

Even though it’s been a week since his passing, fans are still leaving their tributes — honoring the man with mementos at his former home in Jupiter, Florida.

As reported by Variety, Reynolds died after being rushed to a local hospital after going into cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at the hospital. His passing was said to be “totally unexpected” by all those who were close to him.

Some fans thought there may be a public viewing of the Reynolds’ body — but that is almost certainly an impossibility. According to The Blast, Reynolds’ body has already been cremated and his niece, Nancy Hess, has been entrusted with his remains.

There has been no word from the family of Burt Reynolds on whether there will be a public memorial or not. It’s also not known if his niece will scatter his ashes somewhere — or hold onto them. In lieu of a formal ceremony offering closure, his fans are still making sure to show that they will remember him.

The Palm Beach Post took a look at some of the things that fans are leaving at Burt Reynolds’ home in Jupiter, Florida — and it’s more than mere flowers. Some are leaving small notes, while others are writing extremely long letters to thank the actor for all the joy and laughter that he brought to them.

One admirer left Florida State University balloons tied to a tree outside of Reynolds home in honor of his academic alma mater, where he played college football. Some fans have left flags or emblems outside the gates of his home — and one person even left a small angel statue.

Flowers have become plentiful gifts and mementos of mourning outside of the home of Burt Reynolds, and they are being placed there by fans of all ages.

Some of the letters and cards being offered up have simple messages of thanks and appreciation. Others are more heartfelt, with some messages detailing Reynolds’ life and career achievements in order to let his spirit — and his remaining family and friends — know what his works meant to the people who appreciated them.

As we all age, beloved celebrities and cultural icons too shall grow old and pass away at some point. It will often be hard for their fans and loved ones to get over that loss.

Burt Reynolds’ death has hit a lot of people harder than most, something shown by the reaction of his numerous fans. A week has elapsed and many are still leaving letters, flowers, mementos, and tributes outside of his Florida home, with no indication that it will cease anytime soon.