Heidi Klum Goes Topless In Latest Instagram Pic While Holding An Ice Cream Cone

Fans are going wild over Heidi Klum’s newest Instagram post, which shows her completely topless while holding an ice cream cone. The supermodel captioned the picture “Ice cream anyone?” In the photo, Heidi seems to be wearing very little makeup, if any, and has her hair down. She’s posing in front of a white fence, as the ice cream is melting. She placed her hands and arms strategically to censor the photo, but it’s still quite revealing. Plenty of people responded “Yes” to Heidi’s question.

Check out Heidi’s NSFW Instagram post here.

The supermodel recently left her post as host of Project Runway after 16 years. Tim Gunn followed Heidi out of the show, as they’re both planning to debut a brand new Amazon Prime series that’s reportedly going to focus more on the designers than ever before. This is what she said about the new shake-up.

“Our fans are upset, you know, because we have a great audience. People loved us for 16 years. I guess they were maybe upset that they’ll never see us again, but Tim [Gunn] and I are sticking together.”

While some fans were left incredibly disappointed at the news of their departure, the focus quickly turned to speculation on who could be their new replacements.


While Gigi Hadid has been one of the names thrown around to step into Heidi’s role as host, Klum recently revealed that her pick for Tim’s replacement is none other than Christian Siriano, according to Us Magazine.

Siriano was a contestant on Project Runway during the fourth season and has since become one of the biggest names to come out of the series. Heidi simply stated, “He should be the new Tim Gunn if you ask me, but I don’t know what they’re doing.”


When Christian was asked about his reaction to the news that Heidi and Tim were leaving the show, he said that “sixteen years is a long time. Maybe it’s time for a change.” He was also asked who ought to replace the two, to which he said that “it will be very hard,” detailed the Hollywood Reporter.

Christian was the youngest winner to date when he won the competition in 2007 and was 32-years-old at the time. He’s appeared on Project Runway as a guest judge since and has been called the “next billion-dollar designer” and the “new king of old-school glamour,” according to his website.


He’s dressed some of the biggest female names around, including the Hadid sisters, first lady Michelle Obama, and Kim Kardashian.