WWE News: Former World Champion Says He Wasn’t Even Invited To Appear On ‘SmackDown 1000’


In October, WWE is going to celebrate a huge milestone as they will air the 1,000th episode of SmackDown, and it’s taking place in Washington, D.C. Already, there have been a number of big names confirmed for the show as SmackDown, now SmackDown Live, has a history full of so many past superstars. On the other hand, not everyone will be there and that includes Batista who says he didn’t even receive an invitation.

Sure, Batista hasn’t been on the WWE active roster in a few years and he has gone on to film big movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, but he’s a part of history. The big man captured the World Heavyweight Championship on four occasions, the WWE Title twice, and had multiple runs with some of the different tag titles.

It’s hard for anyone to deny that Batista is an integral part of wrestling history and it would have made sense for him to be invited to be on SmackDown 1000. Over the years and during his different runs, Batista played huge roles and even main evented WrestleMania.

Still, he took to Twitter to let the world know that he wasn’t even extended an invitation to be on SmackDown 1000, and it’s not like he’d have to drive far.

So far, there are a few big matches announced for that show taking place on October 23, but only by the Capital One Arena. WWE hasn’t officially confirmed the matches, but this is part of the card that the arena says is taking place.

  • The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan
  • Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy
  • Samoa Joe vs. AJ Styles

Superstars from the past are going to be featured on the show as well, but one of them won’t be Batista. Of course, that could end up changing in the next month if a deal of some kind can be worked out for him to appear.

Featured image credit: WWE

After Batista responded to a fan and said that he had not received an invitation to SmackDown 1000, Wrestling Inc. noticed that he did get an invitation elsewhere. Former ECW and WWE superstar Tommy Dreamer thought he would extend an invitation to Batista instead.

Batista has yet to say if he will accept Dream’s invitation for House of Hardcore.

Big names such as The Undertaker and The Rock are expected to be on SmackDown 1000, and lately, there have been whispers that Edge will be there, too. PW Insider stated that Edge will be on the show, but when a fan asked the Rated-R Superstar about it, he played coy.

It could be that WWE is trying to keep as many of the big appearances and returns a secret as best they can. Then again, it could just be the usual world of professional wrestling where there are plenty of rumors and hardly any truth. Either way, Edge seems to be having fun with the fans, but Batista appears to be telling the truth that he was never even invited to appear on next month’s SmackDown 1000.