WWE Rumors: Huge Double-Turn To Take Place At ‘Hell In A Cell,’ Per ‘Wrestling Observer’


On Sunday, WWE will present its annual Hell In A Cell pay-per-view event where the demonic structure will be brought back out and major damage inflicted. This year, though, one of the biggest matches won’t be surrounded by the giant steel cage when Charlotte Flair puts the SmackDown Women’s Championship on the line against Becky Lynch. Now, rumors are starting to fly and this match could end up seeing a major change and it isn’t the title.

While there is always the possibility of the championship going from Charlotte to Becky, Wrestling Observer Radio, by way of Cageside Seats, says it will have something bigger. It looks like WWE is planning on having a double-turn happen in front of the crowd.

A few weeks ago, the tension started building up between best friends Charlotte and Becky. Last month at SummerSlam, the tension finally boiled up to the top and it was Becky Lynch turning heel and beating down Charlotte instead of the other way around as many expected.

Unfortunately for WWE, the heel turn really didn’t go quite as planned. Instead of Becky being booed out of the building and Charlotte being cheered, the fans gave Lynch a huge ovation and sent her out as a bad girl who was also a fan favorite.

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The WWE fans loved seeing this new side of Becky and were thrilled that she was showing all this aggression. There were many who doubted if the heel turn was going to work because of the love that fans have for Becky, and as reported by Wrestling Inc., Stone Cold Steve Austin thought the same thing.

“I love Charlotte as a heel. Becky, she’s a better babyface than heel, but she’s that fiery individual that people just really love, so I’m wondering if they’ll take her as a heel.”

Austin went on to put over Charlotte for selling the betrayal so well and he thought Becky did a great job on the turn. The former WWE Champion just doesn’t know if the women are suited for these roles and that they’d likely be better with a reversal of positions.

That being said, rumors are now circulating that Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch may end up going back to the roles they know so well. If the speculation ends up being true, Charlotte will become a heel again and Becky will go back to being a babyface in a double turn at Hell In A Cell. Of course, the title is on the line too, but this double turn could go to set up another few months of storylines on SmackDown Live.