Eminem Responds To Machine Gun Kelly

Joe RobbinsGetty Images

Eminem has thrown some fuel into his beef with rapper Machine Gun Kelly in his latest interview, not making it clear that how exactly he’s going to respond to the Cleveland rapper but making it very clear that Kelly needs to “shut the f*** up,” in a video that Eminem posted to his YouTube page.

Speaking with the radio host Sway, Eminem explains that the situation with Kelly has left him conflicted, as now he has to decide between “destroying” the rapper with a song or ignore him entirely and deny him the platform and publicity that would come from a feud with a rapper who has sold more than 100 million albums.

However, as Eminem continued to speak, it became abundantly clear that the line had already been crossed by Kelly. Now it is looking like the question about a response is not an “if,” but more than likely a “when.”

Sway and Eminem began to look deep into his beef with Kelly in an effort to determine the exact origin of everything, citing the first flickers of the feud as all the way back in 2012 when Kelly commented on Twitter about Eminem’s daughter Hailie being “hot as f***.” While a six-year wait for a response seems excessive, Eminem pointed out that the tweet wasn’t the only disrespectful shot Kelly took, as he also made some comments on Eminem’s current status in hip-hop earlier this year during a collaboration with the rapper Tech N9ne.

Once Kelly released his scathing diss “Rap Devil,” Eminem spoke about how the disrespect had forced him into a position where he had no real choice but to respond and was left describing the entire situation as “f***ing weird.”

Still, Eminem is willing to give it some time before he gives Kelly his people response, out of fear that it would open the door for every person he mentioned on his Kamikaze to give him a response, which in turn force a response from the rapper and force him into an unnumberable amount of rap beefs that Eminem simply feels he doesn’t have the time for these days.

Despite all of that, and while Eminem made it clear throughout the length of the interview that he didn’t particularly care about Kelly or any aspect of his career, he did actually give some respect to Kelly’s “Rap Devil” and, with a hint of resentment, admitted that Kelly had delivered a pretty good diss track.