Mac Miller 911 Call Released

Rich FuryGetty Images

When Mac Miller’s body was discovered by his friend on an early Friday afternoon, the friend knew that Miller wasn’t simply passed out and called the police in a frantic state, according to reports from TMZ, who obtained the record of the call.

The version of the call that TMZ had received was heavily redacted but made it abundantly clear just how desperate the caller was that paramedics arrive immediately, as the friend, who is a male but has not been revealed, pleaded with the operator to send help, saying, “Please hurry.”

As the call continued and the operator sought out the details of the situation, the caller began to break down from the stress of the situation and started to cry hysterically, with the call dropping only moments later.

The 911 call placed from Miller’s home described the rapper as “not breathing” and paramedics arrived under a dispatch call of “cardiac arrest,” but realized very quickly upon arrival that Miller was already dead, something the person who discovered him may not have known immediately.

The story that has been revealed so far about the hours leading up to Miller’s death is that he had hosted a party at his home the night before, spending time with his close friends until the early hours of Friday morning, September 7. No one interacted with the rapper until a friend discovered his body at his home in the San Fernando Valley at about noon.

Since news broke that Miller died of an apparent overdose, local law enforcement has been adamant that any person who may have seen Miler between the missing hours should come forward, but acknowledge that no one has.

TMZ‘s law enforcement sources continue to voice suspicion at the cleanliness of Miller’s home upon the search, with no pill bottles, drugs, or drug paraphilia around the house save for tiny traces of white powder. This is very uncharacteristic circumstances for a suspected drug overdose and it is possible that Miller’s house may have been “swept clean” at some point before the discovery of his body.

Miller’s current cause of death is currently labeled as “deferred,” according to the rappers death certificate, and the coroner will not be making an official ruling on the exact cause of death until the return of Miller’s toxicology report. The report should arrive in between four and six weeks. The “deferred” ruling allows the coroner to release Miller’s body to his family so they can go forward with funeral arrangements.