‘Big Brother 20’ Spoilers: The Houseguests Scramble As Week 11 Brings A Double Eviction & Potential Blindsides


Big Brother 20 spoilers for Thursday night’s live show hint that things could get really juicy. A double eviction is on the way, which many of the houseguests anticipate, and there is a blindside or two in the works. The BB20 alliances in the house are shifting and fracturing and it sounds as if fans have a lot to look forward to with these Week 11 evictions.

Given how the alliances have played out this summer, it was obvious that things would start to implode at some point. Tyler has had just about everybody reeled in and on the same page as what he wants, but Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have shown that’s been shifting this week. Heading into the first eviction of Thursday night, Sam and Haleigh are on the block after Kaycee nominated them and then won the Power of Veto and chose not to use it.

Big Brother Network details that Haleigh has been led to believe she might be safe and that Sam is the target. However, that’s not the case. It’s been thoroughly discussed among the other players that it’s time for Haleigh to go. What has been a hot topic of conversation, however, is the next target for eviction. Previously, the plans across the board were to have Sam go next. Big Brother spoilers suggest that it’s no longer quite that simple.

JC and Brett have been talking quite a bit over the past few days. They have talked a lot about targeting Angela next, especially as they’ve seen Tyler and Angela grow closer to one another. However, Tyler hasn’t been mentioned as a target yet. Rather, Brett and JC seem poised to aim for Kaycee and Angela, thinking it’s key to split them up.

Brett has even proposed this to Tyler, which may become a fatal mistake on his part. Big Brother spoilers reveal that Tyler has talked about this extensively with Kaycee, and they have now brought Angela into the conversation as well. While JC remains off the radar for the moment, they have decided to try to target Brett in the next eviction.

Tyler and Brett have talked about sticking with Angela and Kaycee to get to the final four. It looks unlikely, now, that either Tyler or Brett will stay committed to that, though they aren’t telling one another that. Tyler has even talked with Brett about throwing competitions, and Brett has seemed agreeable to that without realizing he’s becoming a target.

Big Brother spoilers from Big Brother Daily suggest that the conversations playing out in the house are getting pretty juicy at this point. JC has told Tyler that he and Brett want to see Angela and Kaycee nominated, and Tyler has said he is anxious to see Angela up too. However, Tyler has no intention of putting Angela up and he’s figuring out more and more how close JC and Brett have grown.

Obviously, the next Head of Household competition will be a big one. It is double-eviction night and the chances are good that someone is going to be blindsided when they are booted by the end of Thursday’s show.

Will the aim to blindside Brett work or will Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee end up in trouble after all of their manipulating in Season 20? Big Brother spoilers hint that the next episode and coming week could get wild and viewers can’t wait to see what comes next.