‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Sonny Faces Questions, Margaux Works With Jordan, And Peter Generates Discussion

Craig SjodinABC

Thursday’s episode of General Hospital will have some intense conversations according to the latest spoilers. Julian wants answers regarding the skull found at Charlie’s Pub — and he suspects that Sonny and Jason have the answers he’s looking for. Peter is pushing Lulu while Maxie has questions for Robin. Margaux and Jordan will join forces on an investigation.

The preview for the September 13 show shared via Twitter details that the new actress playing Jordan will make her first appearance. As the Inquisitr previously detailed, Vinessa Antoine has left General Hospital, and spoilers have revealed that Briana Nicole Henry is taking over the role.

Soap Central indicates that Jordan and Margaux will be joining forces, and that during Thursday’s show Margaux will be asking Jordan if she recovered a gun. Viewers know that Margaux is anxious to take down Sonny, but she’s got her work cut out for her given his history of escaping prosecutions. It’ll be interesting to see if this collaboration is related to Sonny or a different case.

Robin is back in town, and she’ll be having a chat with Maxie. Naturally, the two ladies will be discussing Peter — and the General Hospital hints note that Maxie will ask Robin where Peter fits in. While Robin had been quite angry with Anna upon first learning about Peter, she has already softened and — whether fans like it or not — it looks like he’s sticking around. Peter and Robin haven’t met yet, but fans are anxious to see this happen.

Peter will be discussing the Ryan Chamberlain story with Lulu, pushing her to decide whether she wants it or not. Lulu knows that Felicia got quite upset when the topic of this story was brought up, and things may get difficult if Lulu covers the story in full knowledge that it will hurt Maxie and Felicia. However, Lulu likely won’t be able to resist.

Viewers will see a bit of Ryan popping up in Thursday’s episode. Ryan will be acting as Kevin and he’ll creepily mention something about how someone’s tears were always beautiful. This story is slowly edging forward, and fans are anxious to see Lucy, Laura, and Felicia all heavily featured in what comes next.

Kristina will be returning to Charlie’s and leaning on Sam for support. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian will head to Sonny’s and tell them that a body was found in the pub basement. Obviously, this is not how Jason and Sonny wanted to see this missing body situation play out. They’ll certainly have to do some scrambling to keep Mike safe, and to prevent Julian from making a major issue of this dead body that ultimately ties back to Sonny.

There’s a lot of action on the way with Thursday’s show, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that things will get crazy as these fall story-lines ramp up. Stay tuned for additional teasers about the episodes ahead — and don’t miss any of the action as it plays out every afternoon on ABC.