Trump Banned Braille In Trump Tower Elevators, Claims Former Trump Organization Executive Barbara Res

Spencer PlattGetty Images

In an op-ed article published by the New York Daily News on Wednesday, former Trump Organization executive Barbara Res made some hefty claims about the now-president’s behavior during the construction of his infamous Trump Tower in the 1980s. Reportedly, Res was in charge of construction details for the building and claims that she did a good share of lying on Trump’s part during the process. Most shocking is her claim that the CEO objected to the implementation of Braille in the tower’s elevators, which was a legal requirement.

“Get rid of the (expletive) braille. No blind people are going to live in Trump Tower. Just do it,” he supposedly told an architect.

However, Res states, her belief is that the future president knew his request would not be possible and he was likely doing it to assert power and condescension over the architect.

“The more the architect protested, the angrier Trump got. Donald liked to pick on this guy. As a general rule, Trump thought architects and engineers were weak as compared to construction people. And he loved to torment weak people. But did he think the architect would remove the Braille from the panels? Never,” claims Res.

Furthermore, Res says, she believed that Trump knew his order would not be implemented, but said it anyway just to assert his power, as she claims he had done many times before. Regarding her role in these matters, Res says that most of the time, she just played along. On the rare occasions that she did object to his alleged ridiculous statements, she was met with criticism herself, she says. When the multi-millionaire supposedly lied about things, such as the quality of building materials in the building, Res says she most often went along with it. However, she claims, there were a few lies that she simply refused to support.

The message that Res seems to be presenting in her op-ed is that as the current president, Trump continues to use the “just do it” attitude that she outlined, which comes at a larger price to the American people.

“Trump is really not all that different now, but the stakes are higher. And there aren’t many order refusers anymore either. Off the record, staffers tell reporters that Trump is out of control,” Res claims.

Res’s recent op-ed is not the first time the former executive has spoken out against the character of Donald Trump. CNN reports that in March, Res wrote another piece for New York Daily News specifying him as a “very angry man,” though she claims the two had a good working relationship. Apparently, Res believes that Trump’s accused ire for women is a relatively new phenomenon, as her experience back in the 1980s proved otherwise.

In the CNN article, it was reported that Res expressed horror at Trump’s 2006 hypothetical comment that he would date his daughter.

“I think he thinks it’s a joke, but I think that’s the way his mind works, that you can joke about that.”