North Carolina Governor Declares ‘Disaster Is At The Doorstep’ Ahead Of Hurricane Florence

NOAAGetty Images

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper sent a grim message to the residents of his state and all those in a direct line to be affected by Hurricane Florence.

“North Carolina, my message is clear,” a grim Gov. Roy Cooper said at a briefing Wednesday, September 12, as reported by The Washington Post.

“Disaster is at the doorstep and is coming in.”

The pivot in the forecast track of Florence led Georgia’s governor to declare a state of emergency Wednesday afternoon for all 159 counties, home to 10.5 million people.

Federal officials have warned, according to The Washington Post, that the millions of people in Florence’s sights could be without electricity for weeks if high winds down power lines and massive rainfall floods equipment.

There are also 16 nuclear reactors in the region, and crews at the one closest to where landfall is forecast, Brunswick, got ready for a shutdown.

The Washington Post also reported the current forecast for the hurricane as of 5 a.m. September 13 is as follows: Florence’s top winds are currently at 110 mph, and it is barreling northwest at 15 mph, about 205 miles east-southeast of Wilmington, N.C., and 250 miles east-southeast of Myrtle Beach, S.C.

“This storm is big, and it’s vicious,” Cooper said. “We know the storm surge is going to be significant.”

The center of Florence will approach the coast of the Carolinas in the hurricane warning area on Thursday and Friday and will move slowly near the coastline through Saturday.

Cooper also remarked in an Emergency Management press conference, “If you’ve been asked to evacuate don’t wait. Leave now. You put your life at risk by staying. Don’t plan to leave once the winds and rain start. Don’t try to drive on flooded roads. Don’t expect first responders to be able to get to you during the storm if you decide to stay.”

“If you aren’t under evacuation orders there is still time to get prepared. Understand that in some places the rain will be measured in feet, not inches. Plan to be without power for days,” he remarked.

The Asheville Citizen-Times reported Cooper said to residents to have enough food, water, and medications to last them until the worst of the storm is over.

FEMA responded on Twitter to those who are worried that they will not be assisted after the hurricane strikes the area.

“We have created a rumor control page for Hurricane Florence that will be updated regularly. During disasters, it’s critical to avoid spreading false information. Always check with official sources before sharing,” it stated.