Heidi Klum Drops Hints About New Amazon Show, Says Audience Will Be Able To Have Designs They See On TV

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

While Project Runway fans were devastated to hear that Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn are leaving the show after 16 seasons, it wasn’t going to mark the end of the dynamic duo. In fact, the pair is moving onto a new Amazon show, and Heidi recently dropped some hints about what it will be like. This is what she said, according to Hollywood Life.

“I mean, it was always great to see the designers on TV, but you as an audience, if you loved something then you could never have it and now you can so it is great for the viewers. But it is very important for the designers.”

And it’s true that the audience could not buy any of the Project Runway creations, save for a select few instances when the winning looks were reproduced and sold commercially. So it’s hard to know for sure what the new show will look like, but it sounds like the audience will be able to buy designs that they see on TV. And considering that the show is being sponsored by Amazon, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine that the clothes would be sold on their website. Heidi emphasized that the show would be all about the designers, and giving them a new venue that they previously did not have.

And that’s a great thing to hear, considering Project Runway was instrumental in bringing the world of design to the masses. Before the show, the work that designers did was shrouded in mystery, and it would have been impossible for any up-and-coming designers to get the sort of publicity and exposure without the show.

However, Klum wanted to keep the rest of the details under wraps.

“Well I can’t give too much away because obviously I want people to be surprised and wowed when they see it. I have been working very hard on this and I want to make it special for our audience and make it special for people who like fashion.”

The supermodel also made sure to talk about Tim Gunn, whom she joked was her “husband.” And while the two obviously aren’t a real married couple, it’s not surprising that she would make that joke. The duo were iconic stars on Project Runway, and their affection for each other was a strong backbone of the show. Plus, Heidi never really knew what happened in the workroom, so it was up to Tim to relay important details to Klum and the rest of the judges.