Halle Berry Shares Seductive Photo On Instagram

Halle Berry often shares messages on Instagram about self-love and self-acceptance, inspiring her fans with her insights into healthy living and inner beauty. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Berry has been very public lately about her rigorous approach to training and physical fitness, in preparation for roles in John Wick 3 and her directorial debut, Bruised.

Bruised will mark a major turning point in Berry's career, making her first feature as a director. She also stars in the movie, and is one of its producers. Berry plays the role of a disgraced MMA fighter named Jackie, aka Justice, who has to face off against a rising-star opponent, as well as meet the challenges of motherhood. Berry will work with the fight choreographers from the John Wick movies, and the star has shared previously about the intensity of her training.

Her hard work definitely seems to be paying off, and Berry shared a photo Wednesday on Instagram that showed off glimpses of her killer physique. In the shadowy image, Berry leans forward toward the camera, her face partially obscured by her flowing locks and dark shadows. The background of the image is pitch-black, and her skin glows against the dark background. The photo shows off Berry's chiseled jawline, elegant neckline, and sculpted shoulders. Her mouth is open seductively, and she appears to be wearing a plain black top with thin straps.

Berry captioned the photo, "Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself." Fans responded positively to the empowering message, and the post received over 54,700 likes.

Fans of the star commented on Berry's smoldering looks, as well expressing support for the message in the photo caption. One user commented, "YASSSS that is exactly what we want to represent. Always be you @halleberry #loveallbodies #loveallwomen #loveyourself." Another fan wrote, "And being yourself has awarded you the privilege of being called a 'Director'... congratulations!! @halleberry."

Berry recently shared a post on her Instagram account revealing the difficulty of her training for her upcoming role as Sofia in John Wick 3. In a detailed caption, Berry revealed that this is her "most physically challenging role to date."

"Last week I mentioned that if you're the most fit person in a room, then you're in the wrong room; this film has introduced me to some of the most experienced athletes and stunt men / women I have ever worked with. Take today to consider people who take you out of your comfort zone, find something you feel you cannot do and create an opportunity for yourself to do it. My sore muscles are here to tell you that you CAN."