Julianne Hough To Star In 'Bigger,' Focusing On Career, Not Returning To 'DWTS'

The film Bigger has its U.S. premiere tomorrow, and no one is more excited than Julianne Hough, who plays one of the main characters in the film. The film follows the rise of the Weider brothers, Ben and Joe, who became the pioneers of the fitness industry we know today. Over the course of their lives, the brothers fought against antisemitism and poverty and fought for women's rights, sexual freedom, and the end of discrimination against others. They became the forefathers of today's gym movements. Oh, and they discovered a young man named Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Hough plays Betty Brosmer nee Weider, the second wife of Joe Weider. Brosmer was a pioneer in her own right. Before her marriage to Weider, she was one of the highest-paid pinup models in the country. She helped Joe and Ben build their fitness empire, helping to co-found the International Federation of Bodybuilders and Shape Magazine, and also co-authored books on bodybuilding.

"She is just a boss lady. She's amazing," Julianne told ET about her character, Betty Weider. '"Back in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, she was such a strong woman, surrounded by men, and for her to be able to have a voice, even though she was sort of looked at as a trophy, or this beautiful person in a magazine, she was so much more than that. For her to create Shape [magazine], and have such a voice in fitness and health, and be sort of that voice for all the women was really, really powerful for women."

In her Instagram post, we see Hough as Weider with long blond locks, a fit physique, and a vintage green, blue, and purple bikini. She stands next to bodybuilder Calum Von Moger, who plays Arnold Schwarzenegger in the film. Schwarzenegger was a major bodybuilder before becoming a film star and the governor of California. He even won the Mr. Universe pageant a whopping four times.

In addition to some celebrities of the bodybuilding world, the cast will also include Tyler Hoechlin, Robert Forster, Kevin Durand, Aneurin Barnard, Victoria Justice, Colton Haynes, and Tom Arnold.

Its U.S. premiere will take place in Las Vegas on September 13 in order to coincide with the annual Mr. Olympia competition, a bodybuilding contest created originally by the Weider brothers, according to Deadline. It will be released on a wider scale to theaters on October 12.