Prince William Leaves Viewers Of ‘DIY SOS’ In Tears After Heartfelt Words To Grenfell Survivor

Adrian Dennis-WPA PoolGetty Images

The prince has been helping to rebuild the boxing gym that was destroyed during the Grenfell Tower fire in June last year, and getting to know some of the other construction volunteers while he’s there. In listening to their heartbreaking stories, he has already offered comfort to a grieving 14-year-old who had lost his best friend in the horrific blaze.

Now Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, has shown his wonderful character yet again. When an episode of DIY SOS Grenfell aired on Wednesday night, viewers were treated to a heartfelt, tear-jerking display from the duke, according to Express UK.

While working on the site, he met with Nabil, a man who tragically lost a number of family members in the raging fire. The man explained that it has been an incredibly difficult loss to cope with, and that most people who are suffering in the aftermath are not getting the support they need, both mentally and physically.

“It’s just very, it’s a very hard process and hopefully with guidance and support, I’m not saying it will solve problems, but I saw what happened,” Nabil explained.

William had a wonderful response for the man, and while he knew that he would never be able to take the pain away, his words hopefully provided Nabil some comfort.

Taking Nabil’s hands in his own, William offered up the words that would have the audience watching at home in tears.

“The shock is still probably enormous. I hope that what is happening here is a sign that there are a lot of people in your community who care and want to help and this will be a lasting legacy toward that support. I know those are just words to you but there are a lot of people who care about what has happened to this community and want it to get better. I hope it brings you some kind of solace. You stay strong, it really means a lot to meet you.”

Viewers quickly took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the prince and the love and compassion he was showing to the victims and survivors of the fire.

Prince William, who just launched his Mental Health At Work website this week, also spoke to some of the fire fighters who tackled the blaze.

“Everyone who had a role that night will be affected. I hope people feel they can talk about what happened,” he told one.