Jennifer Garner Goes To A 'Peppermint' Showing And She's Scared And Embarrassed To Be Seen

Jennifer Garner posted a hilarious Instagram video where she was asked by the studio to attend a regular showing of her new movie, Peppermint. The video starts off with her looking kind of stressed out, with her hair slicked back in a messy bun and wearing a simple blue sweatshirt. Jennifer's riding an escalator as she says, "I've never done this before, and now I know why."

It then cuts to her standing somewhere inside the theater, still looking a little frazzled. This is what she said.

"Hi, I'm in a movie theater, and I have a movie out, and I have to be here with my face. And I'm afraid people are gonna hate the movie or take pity on me, or maybe think I'm obsessed with myself.... Nonetheless, I have tickets."
She's then seen shaking hands with an audience member that recognized her, but it also cuts to her hiding in the curtains in the hallways too. The video was captioned hilariously with her saying, "But I learned something about myself on this experiment— I am a chicken.... If you go this week— you never know— I may be lurking behind a curtain at a theater near you."The movie has garnered some mixed reviews, but Jennifer's acting skills have been complimented by Relish. Garner also showed off her muscles in some other Instagram videos that had fans going wild, with many showering her with compliments. Many people liked that she was a "fantastic strong female" in the movie, while others said "I felt so many emotions throughout the film."Jennifer has been in the news also because of her ex Ben Affleck's alcohol addiction problems. She came to Ben's rescue around the end of August, and drove him to rehab after he was reportedly drinking way too much. At the same time, Ben's been spotted with his new and young Playboy playmate, Shauna Sexton, who's faced some criticism for not being sober.

Whatever the drama, Shauna and Ben have reportedly only known each other for a short time, and this is what a source had to say about their budding relationship.

"Ben and Shauna met about a month ago... They're just getting to know each other."
In real life, that's translated to hanging out and grabbing food, as Shauna's also been spotted visiting Ben in rehab. The model has also been seen driving Ben's SUV around, and she also quit her job as a veterinary tech since she started seeing the actor.

For Jennifer, none of it is very surprising. It looks like she's got tons of positive projects brewing in her own life anyway, including a new Netflix show called Yes Day, according to the Hollywood Reporter.