Mac Miller’s Funeral To Be Held In Pittsburgh

Rich FuryGetty Images

The body of deceased rapper Mac Miller is currently en route to his hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the body will be prepared for his funeral service, according to reports from TMZ.

A source revealed that Miller’s body was placed on a plane in Los Angeles on Wednesday morning to be transported back to his hometown. Miller will be buried after a traditional Jewish ceremony is held in a chapel in the city later in the week.

Miller had a deep connection with his fans in Pittsburgh, with his music littered with mentions of the city and its landmarks. The Inquisitr reported today that a vigil for the rapper held at Frick Park’s Blue Slide Playground, the namesake for Miller’s debut album Blue Slide Park, drew thousands of grieving fans who saw the rapper as a local hero who never forgot his roots with music that they could relate to.

Miller was found on Friday at his home in the San Fernando Valley, with his death in the early stages expected to be an overdose. Investigators did find a tiny amount of white powder when they searched the fallen rapper’s home, but have so far found very few clues to confirm it was an overdose.

According to TMZ, investigators say that they are of the belief that Miller’s home had been swept clean to remove any evidence, but can’t understand how Miller would have the foresight to remove any type of pill bottles, illegal drugs, or drug paraphernalia from his home just for the potential chance that he would die. Police are also aware that people were in Miller’s home both on Thursday night and Friday when a friend who has not been revealed discovered him and made the 911 call. According to witness interviews so far, no one had seen Miller alive after they left his home on Thursday night.

Miller’s death certificate currently has his cause of death listed as “deferred.” The purpose of a deferred cause of death is to allow the family to retrieve the body and move forward with funeral service instead of having to suffer through the delay of waiting for test results.

Before making its ruling, the Los Angeles County Coroner will have to wait for the results from Miller’s toxicology test, which means that it will be at least a few more weeks before it is revealed what exactly happened to the rapper.