Emily Ratajkowski Flaunts Her Gorgeous Stems In Pinstripe Blazer With No Pants

Ben GabbeGetty Images

Model Emily Ratajkowski, who’s no stranger to flashing some skin, took to the streets of New York City in a barely there navy and white pinstripe wrap blazer by LPA. Emrata did put her own minimalists touch on the ensemble by skipping on the pants and giving everyone an eyeful of her long and lithe legs that seem to go on for days. Ratajkowski is in New York City for the annual Fashion Week (NYFW) event, but she has been keeping a very low profile. Despite her career as a model and actress, Emrata has skipped most of the NYFW shows and has steered clear of most of the usual New York City hotspots.

Unsurprisingly, Emily Ratajkowski’s rare appearance on the city’s streets included her latest signature fashion choice: white sneakers. As Footwear News pointed out, Ratajkowski loves pairing white sneakers with dresses and other similar apparel. She keeps this casual touch from distracting attention away from her long gams by opting not to wear any visible socks.

Emrata also loves adding stylish handbags, jewelry, and other accessories to her fashion choices. She added these typical pieces to her daring, pants-free outfit with several rings, a large watch, hoop earrings, and a stunning necklace. As usual, most of her accessories were gold, including the trim on her handbag.

Per Footwear News, Emily Ratajkowski’s LPA wrap blazer is on the affordable side with a price tag commanding only $198. Most attendees of NYFW wear much more expensive pieces, but with legs like hers, Emrata doesn’t have to worry about impressing people with the cost of her clothing. The LPA item is usually paired with matching pinstripe pants, although marketing imagery showcased by PopSugar does show it being worn in Ratajkowski’s more daring style. Just click on the image to see the “leggy” details.

The model also wasn’t afraid to strip off almost all of her clothing to help advertise her new deal with Paco Rabanne Parfums. According to her post on Instagram, Emrata has become the new face of Pure XS. The seductively designed perfume bottle evokes imagery of Eve in the Garden of Eden, and this has been combined with an innocent, yet still sultry look on the new spokesperson’s face.

NYFW runs until September 14, so there’s still plenty of time for Ratajkowski to make additional appearances. It may be hard to top her latest beguiling look, though. Either way, it seems like a safe bet that Emily Ratajkowski will be wearing white sneakers the next time she decides to show off her legs.