Fans Can’t Get Over How Grown Up Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Daughter Carys Is As They Hit NYFW Together

Larry BusaccaGetty Images

It’s hard to believe how much Catherine-Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas’ daughter, Carys Zeta Douglas, has grown up!

The 15-year-old is a regular figure on her mother’s Instagram account, and it seems that she grows more beautiful with each and every photo post. And since the mother-daughter duo make their home in New York City for most of the year, it comes as no shock that the girls hit up a few New York Fashion Week shows.

Earlier today, Catherine took to her Instagram account to share a video of herself and her daughter on the way to the Michael Kors Spring 2019 Collection Show. In the video, Catherine and Carys ride in the back of a car as they have a little fun, spelling out Michael Kors to the tune of the Mickey Mouse theme.

“M-I-C-H-A-E-L-K-O-R-S,” the girls say in unison.

Catherine looks stunning as she wears her long, dark locks down — hair straightened — along with a pair of hoop earrings. The mother of two dons a face full of makeup including eyeliner, mascara, and a subtle red lipstick. Though you can not see her whole outfit, Catherine appears to be wearing a black dress with white and blue flowers.

Right next to her is her daughter, Carys, who also wears her tresses down and straight as well. The teen is wearing makeup similar to her mother’s while she rocks some cat-eye eyeliner. Carys sports a black top as well as a pair of dangly earrings to complete her fashion show look.

So far, the video has earned Zeta-Jones a lot of attention with over 23,000 likes in addition to 300 plus comments within just a few hours of posting. Many fans told the ladies to have a good time at the show, while countless others couldn’t get over how beautiful Carys has gotten.

“Adorable. Your daughter is stunning, just like her mom,” one user commented.

“Jealous bet it was a great show x your daughter is your double. Both stunning x,” another wrote.

“You are both beautiful! She looks so much like you,” one more chimed in.

Just last month, the Inquisitr shared that Carys sat down for an interview with Town and Country Magazine where she talked about growing up with a famous mother, father, and grandfather. Her grandfather — Michael Douglas’ father — is Kirk Douglas, one of the last remaining leading men of his era in the film industry.

“When I was younger I didn’t like the idea of having his name attached, this kind of ‘Douglas Dynasty’ stuff,” Carys says. “I think what bothers me the most is that people think I don’t work hard for it, that I don’t need to work hard for it. That anything I do gets handed to me. When, honestly, I feel like it’s the opposite. I feel I need to constantly prove myself to people — that I am not just my parents’ daughter.”

It seems like Carys Zeta Douglas has assumed a great maturity, one developed far beyond her years.