Olivia Culpo Channels ‘Star Trek’ In This Futuristic Look

Ben GabbeGetty Images

American model and beauty queen — Olivia Culpo — has taken to popular social media platform Instagram today to show off her sci-fi side. Captioning her photo with a cheeky request for laser tag partners, the brunette bombshell clearly has an imagination to match her expressive figure.

In the Instagram pic, Culpo can be seen striking a confident, almost heroic pose — something that looks like it belongs on the cover of a cyberpunk-infused fashion magazine from the far future. Her hair, in a drastic side part that begins nearly at her left temple, curls about her head like a cresting wave in a rather dramatic look. A dark chestnut brown infused with slightly lighter highlights, the remainder of her hair falls about the nape of her collar.

A pair of wraparound blackout shades obscures her eyes from view entirely, resembling an haute couture version of the visor worn by primary cast member LeVar Burton as Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge on the seminal 1980s sci-fi classic, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Her lips parted in a breathy look of soft surprise, Culpo nails the look of being immersed in whatever surroundings her sunglasses may reveal to her — in this world or a digital facsimile.

The high-tech high-fashion aesthetic is enhanced even further by her thick, bulky jacket in a dangerous orange shade. High-collared and calling to mind the color palette utilized by futuristic film romp The Fifth Element — starring Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas and costumed by legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier — the tucked-up bomber looks at once martial and casual. Thick zippers, large pockets, and big brass-finished studs help to compliment the neo-noir appearance represented in Olivia Culpo’s shot.

For her lower torso, legs, and thighs, Culpo instead opts for a minimalistic look that draws attention to her trim and toned body. It appears that a one-piece bodysuit with large cutaways lies beneath the rest of the ensemble, revealing large swathes of flawless skin. The basic black blends in well with the accent colors of her jacket as well as the onyx reflection of her chunky visor. Her hands, one resting at her hip and the other reaching up to touch her wraparound shades, are painted with a striking crimson nail polish and adorned with heavy gold jewelry — rings and bangles both.

The former Miss Universe has garnered some positive attention from fans and followers on Instagram for the rather creative picture, being showered with over 22,000 likes and hundreds of comments in less than an hour since the post went live.

Culpo is no stranger to making fashion headlines wearing daring outfits, as she will be featured as the cover model for October’s issue of Modeliste, according to The Daily Mail. Some of the outfits she wore for the magazine spread include an all-latex look, an all-denim affair, and a space-age silver two-piece outfit that would have looked comfortable framed beside the ensemble above.