‘General Hospital’ Recap For Tuesday, September 11: Kristina’s Saved, Julian Hedges, & Chase Makes A Discovery

Jonathan LeibsonGetty Images ZTPR & CreoPop

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, viewers watched as Jason scrambled to save Kristina before Charlie’s Pub exploded. He was successful, and he managed to grab the wrench Mike had left behind, but Chase quickly began an investigation and Julian seemed able to connect the dots about what went down.

As Soap Central shares, Mike was agitated and frantic over Kristina going back into Charlie’s Pub. Luckily, she got out before she sustained any critical injuries, and she was taken to General Hospital where she was told she had a mild concussion. She told Alexis that she’d gone back in for her phone, and she was soon taken back to her mother’s place where Alexis kept a close eye on her.

Mike remained panicked and confused over what happened at the pub and Jason and Sonny tried to calm him down. Chase started asking a lot of questions as he began to investigate the explosion and he was curious about Mike’s presence at the site.

Julian insisted that he had no idea what caused the gas leak, and a firefighter soon told Chase that the gas valve had been deliberately broken. She Knows Soaps notes that Julian overheard Mike worrying about what he had done as he panicked about Kristina, but Julian didn’t share any details with Chase.

When Chase started to explore the basement, he uncovered a skull that had clearly been there for a long time. As desperate as Mike was to prevent the dead body from being found, he ultimately sped up the process.

Elizabeth and Franco had a chat about handling her boys and Franco’s role in co-parenting after she learned what had happened with Aiden, the colored pencils, and Cameron needling him. Elizabeth talked about how she’d been a single mom for many years, and it was going to be a challenge for everybody to adjust to having Franco involved in handling things. However, they both committed to making it work.

Drew had shown up at Sam’s wanting to visit Scout, and that visit continued into Tuesday’s show. Sam urged Drew to look for one good thing in every day as he worried about Oscar, and as she was saying goodbye to him, Alexis arrived. The two talked about Kristina, not yet knowing about the explosion, and Sam urged her mother to give Kristina some space to work through things.

Sonny and Jason had a discussion about how problematic Mike’s behavior had become, and Julian showed up to ask how Kristina was doing. Julian mentioned that Chase was asking a lot of questions, noting that Mike’s presence was a topic of conversation, but he told Sonny he hadn’t shared many specifics with Chase.

Drew crossed paths with Margaux at the Metro Court and she invited him to join her for a drink. She opened up about her father, a man who left when she was just a toddler, and she mentioned that he’d been connected to the mob. Margaux shared that she had never been able to track him down, and this transitioned into a conversation about wanting to nail Sonny.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s show indicate that the action will shift back to Oscar and his illness, but there’s more with Julian and that dead body on the way, too. Things are definitely heating up as these fall storylines kick into full gear and viewers are anxious to see where things head next.