‘The Bachelor’ Host Says Colton Underwood Won’t Be A Virgin By The End Of His Season ‘If I Do My Job Right’

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Chris Harrison has an interesting goal for the upcoming season of The Bachelor. While the longtime ABC host is usually happy to end the season of the ABC dating show with a proposal, for Colton Underwood’s season he’s hoping for something more.

In an interview on Live! With Kelly and Ryan, Chris Harrison dished about Colon’s well-publicized virginity. Colton made headlines when he confessed to Bachelorette star Becca Kufrin that he has yet to be intimate with a woman because he spent most of his life focusing on his career as a football player. The 26-year-old was later grilled by Harrison about his virginity in an awkward sit-down at the Men Tell All taping.

Now, Chris Harrison says he hopes Colton’s virginity will be non-existent by the time his season of The Bachelor wraps. Harrison told the Live! hosts that Colton’s virginity and the way that his female contestants handle it will be one of the “storylines “on his season of the show.

“The show is known for being romantic and for being intimate and I think the stigma around virginity is that you’re not romantic or sexual. So that’s an interesting topic that, if ABC was ready, it would be something to showcase.”

Harrison then had a humorous response when asked if he thinks Underwood will remain a virgin by season’s end.

“Not if I do my job right.”

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Colton Underwood will have to navigate the overnight Fantasy Suites as part of his Bachelor process. Past franchise stars, like then single-mom Emily Maynard, have used the suites for some camera-free time with the final three contestants, but have skipped the overnight part.

Harrison previously joked to Entertainment Tonight that he plans to bring in “props” for Colton so he can explain to him what goes on in the Fantasy Suites.

“This year, because I know he’s the Bachelor, I brought in props, so there’s going to be a big presentation of what happens in the fantasy suite [with] 3D models,” The Bachelor host said. Underwood previously got a hilarious lesson about the birds and the bees from late night host Jimmy Kimmel, so he should be all set.

Chris Harrison told Kelly and Ryan that he believes Colton Underwood is really a virgin, unlike past Bachelor star Sean Lowe who claimed to be a “born again” virgin. Lowe’s renewed virginity was not a major storyline on his season of the show, but he is the most successful Bachelor from the ABC franchise. Lowe, who married his final pick, Catherine Giudici, in a live ceremony broadcast on ABC in 2014, remains the only Bachelor star to marry the “winner” of his season

You can see Chris Harrison talking about Colton Underwood as a virgin star of The Bachelor in the video below.