Donald Trump Reassures FEMA Is Prepared For Hurricane Florence

Win McNameeGetty Images

Hurricane Florence is roaring toward the southeast coast of the United States. As CNN reminded us early this morning, more than one million residents along the coast have been evacuated to escape the inevitable carnage.

The National Weather Service declared Florence a Category 4 hurricane with 130 MPH winds. Forecasts expect the hurricane to strike the southeast coastline on Friday.

According to North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Florence is not like any storm residents have ever seen before.

“Even if you’ve ridden out storms before, this one is different. Don’t bet your life on riding out a monster.”

First thing this morning, POTUS Donald Trump posted a string of tweets including a short video clip reassuring everyone that the U.S. was as ready as it could be for the fast approaching storm.

“Hurricane Florence is fast approaching,” Trump said at the start of his video clip on Twitter. The POTUS also took a few moments to discuss that experts were saying this was possibly the biggest hurricane to ever hit the United States.

“We’re ready, we’re able. We’ve got the finest people anywhere in the world,” Trump reassured in the short video clip.

Trump – similar to Cooper – also offered a similar warning that this was not the storm to stick around and take chances with, “get out of its way, don’t play games with it.”

The POTUS added, “We’re fully prepared. Food, medical, everything you can imagine: we’re ready.”

Trump ended his short video clip wishing everyone safety and encouraging anyone who can to get out of the storm’s way.

“We love you all. We want you safe. Get out of the storm’s way.”

Florence is going to be one of the biggest hurricanes to travel the eastern seaboard and strike the United States. With this monster storm comes the threat of hurricane winds, flooding, and surge storms. If the forecast holds true, the hurricane is predicted to leave 30 people million across the southeast affected.


“This will likely be the storm of a lifetime for portions of the Carolina coast, and that’s saying a lot given the impacts we’ve seen from Hurricanes Diana, Hugo, Fran, Bonnie, Floyd, and Matthew. I can’t emphasize enough the potential for unbelievable damage from wind, storm surge and inland flooding with this storm,” the National Weather Service warns.

As Inquisitr previously reported, Trump’s string of reassuring posts comes just after news broke that Trump took $10 million out of the FEMA fund and used it to boost the budget of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement just days ago.