‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Kamil Nicalek Explains Brutal On-Camera Breakup With Annaliese Puccini

Paul HebertABC

Bachelor in Paradise fans are reeling from the reunion episode that left Season 5 castmember Annaliese Puccini in tears. The Bachelor Nation beauty was blindsided when her Paradise boyfriend, Kamil Nicalek, broke up with her on camera moments after she said they were in “a good spot” in their relationship.

The stunned audience, which included all of Annaliese and Kamil’s Bachelor in Paradise castmates, went silent as they watched in horror as the Polish fitness model told the 32-year-old event planner that he felt they should part ways. A blindsided Annaliese exited the stage in tears.

Kamil Nicalek later explained his decision on Twitter, saying that despite the hate from viewers, his feelings for Annaliese were real.

“Annaliese & I met under unique circumstances that not many can relate to. I was & am still very confused by the speed that feelings & commitments take place in this setting. It is not easy. [Annaliese] and I were real & the strong feelings for one another were mutually shared. …She is a great woman. Out of mutual respect for her and myself, I had to be honest about my feelings because a relationship is nothing without either of those.. Making those decisions are never easy but finding Love in a true, lasting relationship is more important.”

Kamil added that he is still committed to Annaliese through friendship.

“Annaliese and I are committed to one another through mutual respect and friendship, and we will continue to support one another. I hope you will also support and respect the woman that she is. I hope she finds someone that is right for her, and I wish the same for me.”

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Kamil’s breakup with Annaliese was not the first time a breakup blindside occurred on the ABC dating show, but it was by far one of the most awkward because it was done in front of a live studio audience. Kamil’s explanation was that he hadn’t seen Annaliese and wanted to break up with her in person, but Annaliese clearly didn’t see it coming as she gushed about her future with Kamil and how they were on the “path” to an engagement.

After the live taping, the former couple’s Bachelor in Paradise co-stars also weighed in on the drama to Entertainment Tonight. Bibiana Julian told ET that while she questions Kamil’s morals, in the end, it was better he hurt her friend now than later.

“Just to think that he led her on and allowed her to make plans after this, yeah, some questionable things, but I don’t think he’s the brightest tool in the shed,” Bibiana said.

“Venmo” John Graham added that he was “cringing” watching the awkward exchange between Kamil and Annaliese.

“I think he could have handled it so much better,” John said. “All he needed was to have a conversation even two days prior, and for some reason, he had to wait and do this in front of everybody watching. That was painful to watch.”

Fan favorite Grocery Store Joe Amabile agreed that he wished Kamil had just broken up with Annaliese off camera, and Kenny Layne said that while it’s not his job to judge Kamil and his choices, he hopes he realizes there could have been a better way to handle the situation.

“She’s just too good of a girl to have gone through that, and I really feel bad for her,” Kenny told ET of Annaliese.

Annaliese and Kamil’s brutal breakup put a major damper on the Bachelor in Paradise reunion. The fifth season of the ABC reality show had two engagements: Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson as well as Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper.