Jordan Kimball Talks Jenna Cooper’s Alleged Cheating, ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Gal Says It’s ‘Simply Untrue’

Paul HebertABC

People knew that the Season 5 finale week of Bachelor in Paradise would be wild, but after a stunning blog post from Reality Steve on Tuesday, things got far more chaotic than fans had any way of anticipating. Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper got engaged during Tuesday’s pre-taped finale show, but now they’re both facing difficult questions about how legitimate that engagement really is.

As the Inquisitr reportedly earlier, blogger Reality Steve released details of a relationship that Jenna Cooper had allegedly been carrying on with an unnamed man. The relationship is said to have started before she filmed Bachelor in Paradise and continued after her engagement.

Reality Steve shared screenshots of text messages between Jenna and this man where she said her engagement to Jordan Kimball was fake and that she didn’t like or love him. Cooper claimed she’d break things off when she could, but she claimed she needed to play along because she needed the money that could come from the exposure she was getting.

A few hours after Reality Steve’s post went up, sources shared that Jordan had been left stunned by the allegations. Jenna seemingly wasn’t denying them, and Kimball reportedly felt disgusted and shocked. Jenna and Jordan shared plans for a June wedding and a family with lots of children during the Bachelor in Paradise reunion show, but shortly after it aired, they both shared statements or spoke with People about the cheating scandal.

Jenna says that she’s aware of the allegations made against her, but she says they are “simply untrue.” She says that she’s focusing on her relationship for now and she asks that everybody respect her privacy.

Jordan had a bit more to share in his conversation with the outlet. Kimball said that he felt like he had rocks in his stomach and that he was weak in the knees and taken down by these revelations as they emerged. The Bachelor in Paradise star said that Jenna had reached out to him on Monday night noting that she was feeling anxious about what seemed to be Reality Steve’s original tweet teasing the bombshell revelations.

Reality Steve never said who he was talking about in that post, but somehow, Cooper seemed to sense that it was about her. Kimball says he tried to calm her down and he didn’t think there was any reason for her to worry. However, as he was on the road driving, he got phone calls from fellow Bachelor in Paradise cast members and people sent him screenshots of the texts Jenna allegedly sent this other guy. Jordan says after that, he sank in his seat.

Jenna may be denying the legitimacy of the texts to People, but Jordan says that he believes the allegations are accurate. He says that in reading the texts and based on what he knows of her, he knows she wrote the messages. Kimball added that as Cooper tried to smooth things over, he got the impression that Reality Steve’s revelations were true.

“She was saying she didn’t do it, but hinting towards the fact that there’s a possibility that it happened. In all reality, I don’t expect her to own it.”

Kimball admits that he’s feeling sick and hurt about this on many levels, and it sounds as if he never saw it coming. All of this comes just as the two Bachelor in Paradise stars were planning an engagement party slated to take place next month in North Carolina, and he truly thought he had found love.

Reality Steve tweeted that this wasn’t fun for him to report on and he feels bad for Jordan. While some fans are speculating that the text messages were falsified, Reality Steve insists he verified their legitimacy and accuracy.

Is the engagement between Jenna and Jordan over? Kimball says he’s embarrassed and his pride is hurt, and he doesn’t know how to piece everything back together. It sounds as if the Bachelor in Paradise star is understandably feeling quite lost as all of this hits him, and fans will likely hear more about what comes next for Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball in the next few days.