‘Days Of Our Lives’ Recap For Tuesday, September 11: Belle Reveals Marlena’s DNR To Kayla

Chris HastonNBC

The Days of Our Lives recap for Tuesday, September 11, brings heartache for both Paul and Marlena’s family and friends as Salemites struggle with life-changing decisions.

Will (Chandler Massey) visited Paul (Christopher Sean) at the hospital again after he and Sonnie (Freddie Smith) decided to hold off on telling Paul about the fact that he chose to share his life with Sonnie. Will heard that Kayla gave Paul some terrible news — he may suffer permanent paralysis. While Paul worried that Will might not want a man in a wheelchair, Will tried to be strong and help Paul. Later, at the park, Sonnie and Will talked. While Will tried to convince Sonnie that things aren’t over for them, Sonnie insisted they were. Paul needs Will to get through this, and they can’t be together right now.

Elsewhere, John (Drake Hogestyn) felt furious when Belle (Martha Madison) told him about the DNR for Marlena (Deidre Hall). He let Belle know in no uncertain terms that he would not give up on Marlena. Then, John guilted Belle by telling her that if she truly loved Marlena, then she’d forget all about the DNR. John begged Eric (Greg Vaughn) to back him up, but Eric simply stated that they all needed more time. After John stormed off to check on Paul, Bonnie sobbed in Eric’s arms.

Unfortunately for John, Belle went against his wishes since he and Marlena never got married at their wedding, and she went to speak with Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) about Marlena’s wishes. Before Kayla heard about Marlena’s DNR, she spent some time talking to Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), and Kayle told her worried friend that she thought Jennifer should tell Eric (Greg Vaughan) everything she knows about Nicole (Arianne Zucker). However, Jennifer worried about letting Eric know the details when Marlena could die at any moment.

A shocked Lucas (Bryan Datillo) met Bonnie’s (Judy Evans) baby, which she just so happened to name Bonnie (Katie and Natalie Monarch). At first, Lucas refused even to meet the baby that he felt certain didn’t belong to him. Bonnie suggested they run a DNA test, and she promised Lucas that baby Bonnie was indeed his child. Lucas felt shocked that the baby shared Bonnie’s name.

Later, Bonnie pushed Lucas to work on Adrienne (Judy Evans) to get the DA to drop all the charges against her. If he doesn’t, then she’ll lose “our baby Bon Bon.” Lucas remained unconvinced and accused Bonnie of conning him especially since she didn’t tell Steve about this when he located her.