Kate Middleton & Meghan Markle Like To Snack In The Car, But On What?

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In case you were wondering just how much the average woman is like the fabulous royal ladies, then look no further. Elle reported that both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are known to carry snacks on them in case they start to feel a bit hungry during their royal duties. Apparently, the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate, is known to carry Tupperware on her at all times. In some paparazzi shots, Tupperware can be seen beside Kate, and in the car.

The mother of three has not divulged what her favorite snacks are exactly, but past evidence can tell us that the duchess enjoys popcorn as she once chowed down on a bag of it with husband William at an NBA match in 2014.

Meghan Markle reportedly chooses to travel with bottled water, both sparkling and natural. In paparazzi shots featuring Meghan stepping out of a car, bottles of water are usually seen nearby and are stamped with the royal seal of approval. The brand, Hildon, has been supplying bottled water to the royal family for years and comes from a natural filtration system in New Hampshire.

Meghan isn’t just into hydration though. She has also been spotted with Tupperware containing mints. A photograph of this surfaced during her and her husband’s visit to Nottingham. This is unsurprising as Meghan probably prefers to keep her breath fresh for meeting government officials and public figures.

Featured image credit: Getty + WPA Pool
Meghan Markle waves from a car as a Tupperware container sits next to her. The container looks as though it is filled with mints which may be a snack of choice for the royal American.Featured image credit: Getty + Barcroft Media

Meghan Markle probably has to pack a little more wisely now that she and Prince Harry have welcomed a dog into the family. Guy, the rescue dog, will need lots of attention, treats, and water as his royal dog training starts. It is unclear whether the couple will be traveling with the dog. Guy is already making headlines himself. He is the subject of a book that is set to come out soon.

Perhaps if Meghan Markle still had her Instagram account up it would be easy to search for clues surrounding the mystery of the American’s favorite snacks. Who doesn’t share their favorite foods on their Instagram story? However, she took her account down in early 2018 and has made no indication of a possible resurrection.