Jordan Kimball Stunned By 'Bachelor In Paradise' Fiancee Jenna Cooper's Alleged Cheating, Reports 'ET Online'

Stacy Carey

Fans of Bachelor in Paradise are trying to wrap their minds around some crazy chaos that emerged earlier in the day, just hours before the reunion episode aired, and it sounds as if some cast members are doing the same. An explosive report by gossip king Reality Steve detailed that Jenna Cooper has been in an intimate relationship all summer long with someone who is not her current fiance, Jordan Kimball. Now word is emerging about how Jordan, Jenna, and the cast are dealing with this.

As the Inquisitr shared earlier, Reality Steve posted details about a man who Jenna Cooper has reportedly been in a relationship with since prior to filming Bachelor in Paradise. In text messages that Reality Steve says he verified, Jenna tried to smooth things over after a fight with this supposed suitor by telling him that the engagement to Jordan Kimball was fake and that she'd break things off as soon as she could.

As Reality Steve posted this, he said that he didn't know what, if anything, Jordan knew about the situation. He said that he sensed that Kimball would be blindsided, and a new report by ET Online says that is very much the case. Sources for the outlet say that nobody saw this coming and that the Season 5 cast is stunned.

A source close to Jenna doesn't deny the allegations. This insider simply says that Cooper has had a crazy day and has been busy fielding phone calls as she tries to determine what to do next. As buzz swirled around Twitter over the allegations, Reality Steve shared some additional thoughts.

Reality Steve tweeted that he knows that some people are whispering that the screenshots of the texts may have been photoshopped or faked, but he says that the texts are legitimate. Franchise alum Ashley Spivey pointed out that Jenna's silence is quite telling, and Reality Steve said he expects more information to emerge about this situation on Wednesday.

Bachelor in Paradise fans had grown to love Jordan and Jenna as a couple and it sounds as if this is sending shockwaves throughout all of "Bachelor Nation." Kimball's buddy Chris Randone has tweeted his support for his friend, although he's said he doesn't know if the rumors are true, and other cast members will surely start speaking out on this as the word spreads.

Is this the end for Jordan Kimball and Jenna Cooper? While neither Bachelor in Paradise star seems to be saying anything publicly about this yet, it looks unlikely that they'll be able to avoid addressing it and additional information will surely emerge on Wednesday.