September 11, 2018
Kourtney Kardashian's Family Loves Sofia Richie, Thinks She's A Great Influence On Scott Disick, Per 'People'

Kourtney Kardashian's family reportedly loves Sofia Richie, and believes that she has been wonderful for Scott Disick since the pair began dating about a year ago.

According to a Sept. 11 report by People Magazine, the Kardashian family totally approves of Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy, Scott Disick, 35, dating Sofia Richie, 20, and believes that she has been an extremely good influence on him.

"Everyone really likes her. They think she's a great influence and Scott is so in love, so it's not a problem. Sofia is helping Scott be a better, healthier person. Kourtney feels confident that Scott and Sofia take good care of the kids. Scott is a great dad when he has his life together," the insider revealed of Disick and Richie's relationship.

Meanwhile, another source revealed that Kourtney Kardashian has reached a point where she feels really comfortable with her three children, Mason, Penelope, and Reign, spending time with Sofia Richie. The model is said to love having the kids around, and often helps Scott Disick with the parenting duties when the kids are in their care.

"It helps that Kourtney now trusts Sofia. The kids are allowed to spend time with her. Sofia likes having them and helps Scott. So far, the kids are giving Kourtney good reports about Sofia," the insider dished.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kourtney and Scott were seen fighting over Sofia meeting the kids in a recent episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The pair, who previously dated for nearly 10 years, have been working on their co-parenting skills, and had agreed to wait to introduce their children to Sofia. However, Disick took it upon himself to do so without Kardashian knowing, which sparked a big argument between the two.

Later, Kourtney Kardashian admitted to cameras that it is hard for her to think of her kids having another women in their lives, and believed that it may be confusing for them.

"There's a lot going on for them and I know that it can be confusing. It makes me upset, especially because we sat in front of a therapist, we said what we thought was best for the kids. We felt like a lot of changes have been made lately and that this wasn't the best time," Kourtney admitted.

However, Disick had revealed by that point that the children had already met Kardashian's boyfriend at the time, Younes Bendjima, and believed it was unfair to be criticized for introducing the kids to Richie.

Meanwhile, it looks like all is good within the family now, and that Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick, and Sofia Richie have all come to a better understanding of how their relationship will work when it comes to the children.