Kevin Wendt, Astrid Loch Take To Social Media After Stunning ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Split

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Monday night, Kevin Wendt broke things off with Astrid Loch on Bachelor in Paradise. Spoilers have teased that this won’t necessarily be the end of Kevin and Astrid’s love story, but fans are definitely anxious to hear from both contestants in the wake of the recent split. While there is more to come with Tuesday’s reunion show, both Wendt and Loch did share some tidbits on social media after this latest episode that their fans won’t want to miss.

Kevin Wendt got emotional during Monday’s Bachelor in Paradise finale as he admitted to Astrid Loch that he didn’t feel that he was where he was supposed to be with their relationship. While this wasn’t the first time that he has struggled during Season 5, this conversation clearly took Astrid off-guard. He broke things off with her and this left everybody in Mexico stunned.

After Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, Kevin took to his Instagram page and shared a simple, yet poignant post. He put up a photo showing him on a beach, looking up at the sky, and he simply indicated that he is his own worst enemy. For those who watched his split with Astrid on Monday, that seemed to be what it really boiled down to in the end. Wendt told Loch he loved her, but he felt that something was missing and he couldn’t seem to fully articulate it all.

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My own worst enemy. Me.

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Loch was also feeling reflective after Monday’s show. Astrid shared a photo from her time in Mexico with Kevin via her Instagram page, noting that it was taken on June 21. The Bachelor in Paradise star said that it was her favorite day of filming, as she felt like the luckiest girl in the world as she watched the sunset with Kevin. She added that it’s how she would always remember that experience.

On Twitter, Astrid seemed to take a more comical approach in referencing her heartbreak. She tweeted that she loved everybody, and if they wanted to make her feel better they could follow her on Instagram so she could make some money via the ads she posts.

Some Bachelor in Paradise fans are frustrated that the show seems to have gotten to the point where engagements seem to be forced and expected. In the early days, there may have been an engagement, but it wasn’t like the Bachelor or Bachelorette where it seemed to be a required end game. Previously, the engagements were a surprise, and couples were also able to leave filming simply as a couple. That does happen in some cases now, but it did sound as if Kevin felt as if it had to be all or nothing with Astrid.

Luckily, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers have teased that Kevin and Astrid reconnected after filming. In fact, as the Inquisitr detailed, a radio interview that Loch just did confirmed that she and Wendt are currently dating, and they’re doing it on their own terms. Previews for Tuesday’s reunion hint that Astrid and Kevin will be brought up to the hot seat and face some difficult questions, but it also sounds as if they’re actually in a good spot as a couple now.

Which Bachelor in Paradise couples have what it takes to go the distance, and which ones will go down in flames? Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt have a lot of fans rooting for them and everybody will be anxious to see how things play out once they can be public with the state of things.