The first stupid prediction for 2010

As we come to the end of 2009 the predictions for the next year are starting to make their way into blog post with lots more guaranteed the start showing as January 1st gets closer.

However I saw one today that strikes me as being one of the most out in left field predictions we will see even with the amount of time left for people to make foolish predictions.

It comes from a post today by Stowe Boyd where he is talking about the recent deal between Yahoo and Facebook regarding the use of Facebook Connect on Yahoo web properties; which according to the quote Stowe includes in his post is the beginning of a very deep long-term partnership.

Because of this Boyd is predicting that 2010 will see the merger of Yahoo and Facebook

I can hear the wedding bells in the background. Carol Bartz as CEO/Chair and Zuckerberg as Chief Nebbish.

Yahoo’s market cap is $21.5B and Facebook is valued at $15B. So, some sort of merger of equals, with a resulting company valued at $100B?

First prediction for 2010.

Ya. Okay.

I predict this is the first of many stupid predictions we will see this holiday season.