CM Punk Still Denies An Offer Was Made For Him To Appear At ‘All In,’ Says Wrestling Doesn’t Interest Him


CM Punk is now 0-2 in the world of MMA and he simply hasn’t been overly successful in UFC which has many wondering if he will go back to wrestling. There have been rumors swirling around and some believe he’ll even end up back in WWE one day, but time isn’t standing still for him to make a comeback. Now, Punk’s words make it seem as if he really just doesn’t even care about the world of professional wrestling any longer.

If that’s truly how he feels, it would give even more explanation as to why he didn’t show up at All In in Chicago a couple of weeks ago. Then again, Punk is continuing to state that he was never officially made an offer anyway.

Punk recently appeared on The MMA Show to promote the upcoming third season of Beastmaster on Netflix, and he discussed a number of topics. Of course, the idea of returning to the wrestling ring was brought up and he no longer makes it seem like he ever wants to go back.

“To me, that’s like an escape hatch. I’ve got season three of Beastmaster on Netflix, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we get to move forward and do a season four. Aside from all the stuff that I can talk to you about, there’s all this secret stuff that I’m not allowed to talk about that I am doing too.

“It’s not even a matter of not going to wrestling because I’m busy doing other stuff, there’s just nothing that interests me in wrestling.”

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Featured image credit: WWE

CM Punk went on to say that he’s a rather “hard guy to get a hold of,” but states that no wrestling offers have come his way. Since losing to Mike Jackson at UFC 225 in June, Punk has kept himself extremely busy with many other projects, according to Wrestling Inc.

It was honestly believed that CM Punk was going to show up at All In in Chicago at the beginning of September, but it didn’t happen. He said he was shooting a film that day but still insists that there was never an actual offer made to him for an appearance.

“I was never made an offer to be there. They said, ‘hey, if you want to come, you should come.’ I was like, ‘eh, oh, OK.’ It was extremely vague… it wasn’t an offer.”

This actually goes against what Cody Rhodes had said that they didn’t come right out and ask him to wrestle at All In, but they did make him a “real offer.” Rhodes said that Matt Jackson of the Young Bucks reached out to CM Punk and still made him that offer, but that Punk didn’t want anything to do with it.

Despite not doing overly well in UFC, CM Punk is still having great success outside of the wrestling ring and seems to be enjoying life. It certainly doesn’t look as if he will ever return to WWE as wrestling simply doesn’t “interest” him any longer. While All In may have been the closest chance to him coming back, Punk insists there was never an offer made to him despite Cody Rhodes saying differently.