‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Points Fingers, Chase Investigates, And Jason Is Insistent

Craig SjodinABC

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital will be filled with chaotic moments as the dust settles after the explosion at Charlie’s Pub. As Monday’s show ended, Jason was rushing to get Kristina out of the pub before the gas leak caused an explosion and Sonny was trying to calm Mike outside. Spoilers suggest that this situation will have everybody scrambling during the September 11 show and it should be a wild one.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show shared via Twitter make it clear that Jason does get out of the pub safely with Kristina before it explodes. Kristina will surely be taken to General Hospital to be checked out, and spoilers suggest that Jason will focus on protecting Mike from the investigation as it begins.

Jason will urge someone not to say a word about what happened, as he also knows that Mike was responsible, and Sonny will stay right by Mike’s side. Mike is frantic, worrying about what he’s done, and it’s going to be a challenge to keep him from saying too much to the wrong people. Luckily, it doesn’t look as if anybody got seriously injured, but a lot of damage was done and General Hospital spoilers share that Mike’s loved ones will be desperate to keep him protected.

Chase will quickly start digging into the situation to try to determine what happened. Julian will have some details to share, and General Hospital spoilers note that Chase will ask Julian if he’s sure about what started the gas leak. Julian was certain that the pipe and shut-off valve had been tampered with, but has he realized that Mike was responsible?

Tuesday’s show also brings a challenging moment for Elizabeth and Franco. Something will arise that she’ll question him about, wondering why he didn’t tell her.

It could be that this spoiler references some of the pushback that Franco has received from Cameron lately, but it might be something else entirely. General Hospital spoilers have detailed that a family crisis could wreak havoc on Liz and Franco’s wedding plans this fall, and She Knows Soaps reveals that Elizabeth will be upset with Cameron during Tuesday’s show.

Julian will try to reach out to Alexis via the phone, and fans would imagine this is about Kristina and the explosion at the pub. In addition, Alexis will talk with Sam and tell her she’s offered up an invitation she’s going to come to regret.

Margaux will cross paths with Drew again and she’ll invite him to join her. Of course, given what’s going on with Oscar, he might not have it in him to do this dance with Margaux at the moment. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Drew and Sam will spend time together again during this next episode, and it looks like the two will begin to grow closer to one another again.

Things will get increasingly complicated for many in Port Charles as the week continues and General Hospital spoilers hint that there is great stuff on the way. Tune in to see what happens next with the Charlie’s Pub explosion during Tuesday’s show and hang tight for spoilers regarding what comes next.