Anna Duggar Sets The Record Straight On Pregnancy Rumors

Anna Duggar is setting the record straight on whether or not she is pregnant with her sixth baby, In Touch Weekly is reporting.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Anna got the speculation running that she’s pregnant for the sixth time with, as is always the case with these things, an Instagram post. As you know, it’s a cottage industry for fans of celebrity women of child-bearing age to scour for signs that she’s pregnant – and this is especially true of Duggar women (and women who marry into the family) who are expected to start having children not long after the ink is dry on their marriage licenses. Fans pour over every pixel of every photograph looking for “evidence” – perhaps the way a garment hangs over her abdomen revealing a “baby bump,” for example.

In Anna’s case, the culprit is an Instagram post of the family enjoying some time at an area farm. As the various members of the family pose for the shot, Anna can be seen wearing a loose-fitting dress that some have concluded is a maternity dress.

And… that’s it. Anna is wearing a loose-fitting dress that could be a maternity dress. That’s all the “evidence” the internet needed to conclude that she is pregnant, if the comments are to be believed.

“I think she’s pregnant. Yes, it’s sooner than her usual pattern, but I think she was pregnant at [brother Josiah’s] wedding.”

Never mind that the Duggar family’s rules of modesty forbid form-fitting clothes on women. Never mind that it is extraordinarily rude to tell a woman that she looks pregnant (or to ask if she’s pregnant). Never mind all of that – if she’s wearing a loose dress, then she must be pregnant, right?

Wrong, says Anna.

“I’m not expecting…only overdue for a diet.”

So there you have it – she’s simply put on a few pounds and has been needled into publicly admitting it by nosy internet users (either that or she has a sense of humor about it).

To be fair, several people are coming to Anna’s defense or, at the very least, steering the conversation away from pregnancy.

“Anna, I have 5 children and a baby bump but I’m not pregnant!! LoL!! That’s just how it goes sometimes!”

“Is there a shop on Amazon you buy your clothes from?”

For now, that puts to rest any speculation about the newest Duggar Bun in the Duggar Oven – that is, until another Duggar woman posts a picture on Instagram.

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