Grocery Store Employee Charged With Felony For Allegedly Eating $9,200 Worth Of Ham

A grocery store employee is facing felony charges for allegedly loving ham a little too much.

Police in Ohio have charged a deli employee of a Giant Eagle grocery store for allegedly stealing $9,200 worth of sliced ham at her store. As the New York Post reported, the woman has worked at the store for eight years and had allegedly been stealing the ham only a little bit at a time.

“The store’s loss prevention manager received a tip that an employee had been eating three to five slices of ham nearly every day over eight years,” the report noted. “Authorities say she also sometimes ate salami.”

The bits of ham added up. Authorities estimate that over the course of her employment, the woman had eaten close to $9,000 worth of the deli meat, leading to felony charges.

This is not the only unusual robbery to make headlines in recent weeks. In California, police pulled over a 69-year-old man named Dionicio Fierros and found 800 pounds of bagged lemons hidden in the car. Investigators said the man had stolen the lemons from a nearby farm, NBC San Diego reported, and the lemons were still fresh when police found them.

And back in May, police in Washington, D.C., said someone stole a bucket of compost from a homeowner’s front lawn, an act caught on surveillance camera. As Fox 5 DC reported, the video showed that it was not a spur-of-the-moment robbery.

The homeowner said a car pulled up to his home and a woman went straight to the bucket of rotting vegetables.

“It was almost like a heist,” the homeowner said. “Like she knew what she wanted. She planned it. She drove up, grabbed it and left.”

“We put extra labels on it saying [it was] compost. Not trash. Private property. Don’t take.”

The homeowner said he couldn’t understand why someone would want a bucket of compost worth $20 at most. The report noted that urban composting has surged in popularity, with many using small compost buckets made especially for those living in apartments or with little outdoor space.

The name of the Giant Eagle grocery store employee accused of eating $9,200 worth of ham was not released, and it was not clear when the woman would appear in court. Reports claimed that the woman admitted to eating the ham, but did not say if she was cooperating with prosecutors or planned to take a plea deal.