Trump Jr.: His Father Can’t Trust Everyone Around Him After Anonymous Op-ed

Mark WilsonGetty Images

This morning on ABC’s Good Morning America the President’s oldest son said his father can’t trust everyone around him after the release of a recent anonymous New York Times op-ed about a week ago.

“I think there are people in there that he can trust, it’s just — it’s a much smaller group than I would like it to be,” the president’s eldest son told ABC‘s Good Morning America.

“It would be easier to get things done if you’re able to fully trust everyone around you,” he added. “I think that’s a shame.”

When pressed further about who he thinks the President can still trust, Trump Jr. declined to answer definitively but reaffirmed he believes President Trump still trusts his daughter Ivanka Trump and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, both White House advisors.

Trump Jr. firmly believes the author of the op-ed is someone in the administration who isn’t related by blood.

“I’m talking outside family. That goes without saying,” Trump Jr. told “Good Morning America.”

The White House has been reeling since the release of an anonymous New York Times op-ed penned by a senior White House official claiming to be a resistance figure working to thwart his “more misguided impulses until he is out of office,” even going as far as to secretly meet to discuss ousting the President by invoking the 25th amendment, reported USA Today.

Since the publishing of the op-ed, many online have come up with various theories about who may be the source.

Some have claimed Vice President Mike Pence is the source, citing his use of the rather uncommon phrase “lodestar” as a primary clue said the Huffington Post.

Pence has since denied these claims and even told Fox News Sunday he was willing to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence, reported USA Today.

Despite the op-ed author’s claims of being a high-level official, Trump Jr. firmly believes the author of the op-ed was a “low-level person.”

“This is very low-level person who will throw their name on an op-ed, and basically subvert the vote of the American people who elected my father to do this job,” Trump Jr. told “Good Morning America.”

When Trump Jr. was asked if he thought the op-ed’s author had broken any laws by writing and publishing the piece, he told ‘Good Morning America:” “Listen, I think you’re subverting the will of the people. I mean, to try to control the presidency while not the president. You have millions and millions of Americans who voted for this.”